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Why do my teeth hurt after sealants?

I am a 20 year old male and I got sealants. Why do my teeth hurt after sealants?

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For sealant procedure, in order for the resin (sealant material) to bond to the tooth, the tooth is etched first (which can cause sensitivity). One other thing that can cause discomfort/pain is that if you bite down and you feel discomfort, most likely the resin is set too high (hyper occlusion). Have your dentist check your bite, it is an easy adjustment.
Too much sealant on the tooth makes the bite high and can cause trauma while chewing. Should never happen if placed properly
It could be because the bite is off after your sealants. If the teeth were prepared then it might be a bonding issue. I would have this looked at to remedy the situation and get rid of your pain.
Should not hurt, but if they used phosphoric etch and was not rinsed enough...
They should not really hurt. It is possible they may be too tall and you're bite is off. That would make your teeth sensitive; it would be best to check with your dentist.
The bite might need a few days to settle in. If it doesn’t get better, you should have it adjusted.
Sometimes when hygienists place sealants, they put an amount that could affect occlusion ( when upper teeth get in contact with lower ones when a person bite down ) that could lead to a premature contact and hyperemia or reversal irritation if tooth nerve and the become sensitive to cold stuff. But once the dentist remove the high spots by adjusting occlusion in 48 hours things go back to normal.
Have them check your bite. Sealants should have no pain
Sometimes, teeth will feel a little sensitive for a while after getting sealants. This is usually because they are trying to get used to having the material there, and this can sometimes cause them to hurt a little. This should go away after a few days.