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Why does a broken hand need surgery?

I broke my hand while playing tennis very recently, and I need to have surgery on it. Right now, it's in a cast. Is surgery really necessary for a broken hand?

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Hand surgery is sometimes needed and sometimes not. Your doctor should discuss various options with you. If you're not comfortable with the recommendations given, you should seek a second opinion.
It depends upon which bone you broke and how much displacement there is. Surgery will place the bones back in there anatomic alignment so that it will heal correctly. Without doing that you could have long term issues. Good luck
It all depends on the bone you broke and the degree of displacement. It is very common to perform surgery on fractures in the hand.
It certainly can be! It just depends on the fracture type, the displacement, and which bone is fractured.
Sometimes yes and sometimes no; need to see X-ray.
A broken hand needs surgery for several type of injuries. If it is significantly displaced and unstable to closed reduction, it is needed to restore proper alignment and rotation. If it is an intra-articular injury (fracture into the joint) it may need surgery.
There are well established criteria for when a broken bone needs surgery, including the hand. In the hand: If there is malrotation that causes overlapping of the fingers with bending, surgery may be required. If the bones are displaced (usually shortened) or angulated severely enough, surgery may be required. If the fracture extends into the joint with articulate displacement or "step off," surgery may be required. Sometimes surgery in the hand is done with removable pinning of the bones through the skin (called perc pinning). Other times plates and screws are required. As always, consult your Orthopedic surgeon for specific indications for your particular injury.

Steven M. DeLuca, DO
It depends on the amount of displacement and if there are any motion problems. Some fractures can be treated in cast.
Without seeing the X-rays, I can't give a definitive answer. However, we do surgery on broken hand bones when the bones are not aligned properly. The plate and screws will hold the bone aligned and still while the fracture heals.

Hope it helps!

Bill Bose
Depends on exact bone that is broken and the fracture pattern and displacement or angulation. Nondisplaced fractures are generally treated with splints alone. Crooked and rotated fractures may need surgery to optimize ultimate hand and finger function
It depends on the pattern and location of the fracture and the displacement. If the alignment is not in good alignment (meaning your fracture will not heal or it will heal crooked), then you need surgery. Good luck and remember to follow your doctor’s orders!
For best function and early mobilization
It would depend on the type of fracture - open/closed/which bone/what location on the bone/displacement and/or angular deformity/associated ligamentous injury, patient health/activity level, etc. Therefore, it needs to be evaluated by an Orthopedic Surgeon who treats hand Injuries.

Scott M. Taylor, M.D.

Surgery is typically indicated if the fracture involves the end of the bone and the joint surface is disrupted, or if there is a deformity of the bone at the fracture site.