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Why does my pelvis crack?

I am a 29 year old female. My pelvis cracks for no reason. What could be the cause?

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Pelvis unleveling can change the posture of the femoral head as it sits in the pelvic bone, but several things can cause that to happen, so a thorough exam is needed to assess the severity.
Possibly due to loose ligaments, need an MRI to know for sure. If a ligament has suffered an injury of some sort it can be stretched out and then the loses its elasticity. Maybe your out of alignment too, please see a chiropractor.
Your pelvis consists of two ilium bones and your sacrum. They do move and can make a popping sound.
That is commonly caused by pelvic imbalance which creates binding of the sacroiliac joints. This lack of normal mobility displaces the synovial fluid in the joint. When you move a certain way, the pressure in the joint is released and the sudden symmetrical disbursement of the synovial fluid creates cavitation, i.e., pop or crack. Also, in pelvic imbalance one leg will become shorter known as an acquired short leg and body weight is dispersed unevenly. This in time can contribute to the formation of a scoliosis. I would advise seeing a chiropractor because this is their realm of expertise.

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Doc J
This question can be better answered by consulting with a chiropractor and letting him/her do a full evaluation. More often than not, a tendon or ligament is rubbing over a bone or other tissue. If it is one solid crack and then you cannot reproduce it for awhile, it could also be a joint popping like what people will do with their knuckles. In that case, the pop is simply nitrogen gas being released from the joint.


Dr. Brandon Buttry
Depending on your activity levels, there could be many reasons that sound could be happening. Typically people can "crack" their pelvis by twisting their lower bodies. That is normal and actually can feel good. If there is
pain with the "crack", that is something more serious. Many active people tend to hear that while stretching out and it feels like a nice release. If you have pain or feel unstable, have it checked out.
There can be many reasons, but the most common reasons I tend to see are due to misalignment of the joints and muscle imbalance.

Skylar Bakko, DC QNCP PAK BFM

Without an X-ray and a proper evaluation, it is difficult to be absolutely certain what is causing a cracking sound. Often the sound is crepitus, a noise or crack due to tension, or rubbing between bone & cartilage. Chiropractic assessment would be a cost effective way to verify if your symptom is clinically insignificant.
Yes, your pelvis can "crack." The pelvis is made of several bones including the right and ilium, the sacrum and coccyx. There are joints between all of these bones connecting them together. The best way to determine if the cracking is normal or abnormal is to go to a chiropractor for an exam, possibly x rays and treatment.
It's called crepitus. This is laxity in the muscles affecting the joint. You need to strengthen and align the area properly.
A vacuum and endorphins can be released with cracking your own spine and pelvis. In my opinion no untrained individual should crack their own neck or anybody else's neck. However many people the spine and pelvis will elicit a spontaneous cracking sound and that is not to be concerned about. If you are concerned let a trained and licensed Doctor make an evaluation and determine the need for making proper manipulations.
You need X-rays to find out the answer.
I would need to perform an exam to see what structure is causing the cracking. It could be a tendon slipping over a bony structure, it could be the Sacroiliac joints, it could be the hip joints, the spine, or the symphysis pubis. An examination from a Chiropractor can identify the cause as well as treat it.