Physical Therapist Questions Knee Problems

Why do I have a pain in my knee every time i bend it?

I am an athlete and have been running marathons. Since last week I have been experiencing pain in my knees every time i bend them. Could I have suffered a knee injury during my running session or is it Gout?

4 Answers

Pain in the knees especially in runners, is common. Reasons may be due to running on uneven surfaces, inadequate stretching after the run, and a decrease in quad strength. Gout usually presents as pain first in the toes and it’s mostly a burning type of pain.


Dr. Ramky Kavaserry, DPT
It sounds like you might have an overuse injury as you do long distance a lot. You might want to look at your running shoes to see if they're right for you, also make sure you do some cross-training to keep your muscles ready for the unexpected with different terrains and make sure you are stretching your calves and strengthen your glutes and quads.
That could be different things; over use, over stretch, or injury on one of the ligaments. Please see an orthopedic.
Assuming there was no previous injury and you didn't fall or twist your knee, you are likely developing a tendonitis issue or you are wearing away the cartilage in your knee. If you did fall or twist it, a meniscal or ligament injury is possible. You may still have meniscal or ligament damage even if you didn't twist it, but it's less likely. In order to test for gout you need a blood test or could have fluid drained from your knee and have it tested. In any case, you should see a physical therapist for a thorough evaluation and treatment before it gets worse.