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Will my chiropractor tell me how often I need to see them?

I'm 42 years old and I threw out my back. I just consulted a chiropractor. How often will I need to see her if I threw my back out?

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Absolutely. They should inform you of their plan that includes how often they want to see you.
Depends on the severity of your injury. Most commonly it should resolve with care within 3-4 weeks. Follow her instructions and it may be even sooner.
Generally an acute injury will be somewhere around 2-3 times per week at the start.

Over time, you can space out the visits more but you must make sure the problem is actually FIXED.

Meaning, don't just quit as soon as it "feels better" -- Let the doc do her work and actually fix the underlying problem in your spine!

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Back pain can have various causes and differing levels of severity. Your chiropractic physician will perform an examination action and possibly order diagnostic tests if necessary. Once a diagnosis is made your doctor should be able to give you a good idea of the time frame necessary to not only feel better but to strengthen your back to prevent a reoccurrence. 
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Dr. Keith overland
How often you need to see her will depend on many factors. How severe is the pain, what is the nature of your condition, how long have you had this condition, has there been a previous injury to this area of your back. Also, are you interested in getting just relief from pain, or do you want correction of the underlying cause of your condition. All of these factors will determine the frequency of your chiropractic visits. Make sure to discuss all of your concerns with your chiropractor and follow her recommendations.
It all depends on the clinical findings and the severity of your injury. Usually it would be approximately 3 visits per week for the first 2-4 weeks followed by a re-evaluation to determine if more treatment is needed. The doctor should present you with a report of finding and treatment recommendations.

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Yes, we will and it depends on many factors; severity of issue, response from the body, healing, activities, acute, chronic, etc.
Too many variables. Your chiropractor should be able to tell how you are responding to treatment after a couple visits. The forecast should not be ongoing into infinity!
Yes they should
Frequency of care depends on the person and the severity of the injury. For my patients I generally create a treatment plan of 6-10 weeks, once per week, twice per week if the injury requires more attention.