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My father is suffering from severe back pain. Can it be treated with manual adjustment of the spine?

My father is 64 years old and is suffering from severe back pain for the last one month. He is afraid of any kind of spinal or back surgery. Can manual adjustment of the spine help him get some relief in his given condition?

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Depending on symptoms and a thorough examination, majority of patients with back pain will have resolution of pain from conservative chiropractic treatment.
it is possible that a Chiropractic treatment can help your father with his condition. however, it is very important that he gets X-rays of his back so that way they can identify what the true problem is. When scheduling the appointment with the chiropractor, you can ask them if they have on-site X-rays. hope that helps!
Only an examination and X-rays can tell if chiropractics can help.
A good chiropractor is going to take a case history and an exam to find the problem. A problem can stem from a nerve, a joint, or a muscle. There is also a degree to which the problem can be. If there is sever degeneration to a joint it will be hard to remove the pain, but only by seeing the chiropractor can you prevent sever degeneration from occurring. You may or may not see a medical professional who recommends a chiropractor. MD's will provide medicine to decrease inflammation and relax muscles. A chiropractor will correct the spinal misalignments (subluxations) to take the pressure of the nerve, muscle and joints to improve function and decrease pain. The correction by adjustment and physiotherapy allows the body to heal naturally. At 64 years old there is never too late time to feel better, and stop the degeneration. Always take caution to find a chiropractor who is experienced and well received in your community. Sometimes asking friends will direct you to a reliable chiropractor, someone they have been to, not just the closes one.
Chiropractic has been very successful in alleviating back pain. We would do a consultation, orthopedic exam and take x-rays to see what is causing his pain. Sometimes the patient may need to take non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs to help reduce the pain. If we do not get a reduction in pain in a few visits we would order an MRI of the back.
Probably yes! Your dad would need to make an appointment with a licensed Doctor of Chiropratic and complete a detailed health history, followed by a chiropractic, orthopedic, neurological exam and determine if any possible diagnostics are needed! If everything checks out, your dad will be ready for a specific spinal ADJUSTMENT (only done by a doctor of chiropractic), not
manipulation...which is a non SPECIFIC movement of a joint.
Your father should be examined to determine if he has a problem that chiropractic would be able to help. This is called an orthopedic neurological examination. He will have ranges of motion examined. Exams such as these will determine a course of action or referral from your chiropractor.
Certainly I see a lot of back pain patients, most but not all see relief from chiropractic adjustments. Your father will have to have some examinations to see if chiropractic care would be appropriate.
I use a range of techniques from low force chiropractic adjustments to acupuncture and decompression. No two people react the same way to whatever treatment is given, whether that is a drug, surgery, or chiropractic adjustment, etc.
He can come in for a free consultation at any time. Just call my front desk at (785) 827-8727.

Dr. B. A. Pennington
I'd be happy to help him. Has he been to an MD? Has he tried ice-packs, heat, stretching, or medication? Has he ever been to a chiropractor?
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Dr. Louis Valentine
Most definitely. Back surgery fails 70% of the time within 5 years...with 35% immediate failure.
Non-surgical spinal decompression is successful between 88 and 94% of the time. Chiropractic has the best outcome. Adjustments can be low force and gentle. The first step would be to examine and palpate the spine and compare to X-ray study and MRI before adjusting or decompressing.

Dr. Andreu J. Richardson, DC
Yes it can be treated via Chiropractics! Call me at 239-540-5433 to discuss details.

Michael P. Cartales, D.C.
Chiropractic could definitely be beneficial for him. I would suggest finding a good local Chiropractor and having him take a look at your dad. The Chiropractor should do an examination (and most likely X-rays) to determine weather or not your dad is a candidate for Chiropractic care. It is best to start with the most conservative options first (one being Chiropractic care) and then work towards the more invasive options if conservative methods are not working.
It is quite possible that manual manipulation done by non-invasive specialist like a Doctor of Chiropractic would be able to help your father. Minor misalignments of the spine or an extremely common and overlooked cause for back pain, but “back problems” come in many forms. The first step would be to have him schedule an appointment for a complete examination. Your chiropractor is going to take a history and evaluate his condition through different physical test. They may even have some diagnostic imaging taken like an x-ray. From that information only then can you determine if he is a good chiropractic candidate and what is the source of his pain. It is very important to seek professional help so that he can understand the cause of his problem. In some cases people will wait too long to consider seeking treatment and they are less likely to completely correct the problem through conservative care. Either way, in most cases in individual can start with the chiropractor and can referred out for other studies like an MRI or to see other specialist like an orthopedic doctor, neurosurgeon, or pain management when indicated.
I believe it will help, but he also will benefit from other treatment modalities such ultrasound, electric stim, light and laser therapy, stretches, exercises that we provide. Usually with good exam and history we can figure the appropriate treatment plan.
Examination should be ordered ASAP call for an appointment 636 946 2244
Without seeing your father's condition, I cannot clearly answer that question. Depending on the severity and the nature of the pain, it may or may not be helped by manual adjustment.
Of course we can adjust him. There are all kinds of techniques to draw from depending on the condition of the patient.
Absolutely worth it to get him to a chiropractor immediately. Research has shown time and again that chiropractic is as effective (if not more) as any other treatment out there. Be sure to take him to a doctor that takes x-rays so that the position and condition of his spine can be assessed with as much precision as possible.
Great question.

In most cases it can really help. We offer a free consultation if you and your father are interested. You can text my office manager at 9255804322 for more info.
Dr. Coflin, D.C.
Of course ! It's the best option for him. Where does he live, I know a lot of chiropractors in NY.

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Spinal adjusting has been known to help a lot of people with lower back pain ranging from infants to people in their 90s. It's definitely an option to consider. His doctor should wake him through the procedure to eliminate his fears of adjusting.

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Dr. Jodie Schultz
First it is important to get a patient history and the mechanism of injury that caused your father's back pain. If all checks out and he is considered a good candidate for a manual adjustment he should get some relief. Following the adjustment it would be important for the practitioner to give your father home instruction regarding moist heat, stretching, exercise and use of ice if needed. Likely a follow-up in 2 days to see if his pain is reduced.
It depends on what the underlying problem is but yes most back issues can have some relief through adjustments.

There are several factors to look at. In our practice we look to find the underlying cause of the problem. Is the pain from a degenerative problem? Is there an underlying infection? If the problem is a structural misalignment then finding a practitioner who administers precise low force adjustments would be preferable. In most cases surgeries are unsuccessful in resolving the problem long term because whatever is causing the problem still continues along its merry way and so other related areas of the spine may start showing symptoms down the road.

Hope that helps
Yes. A proper x-ray of the spine will be needed to make sure that it would be safe but we treat this condition everyday of all ages.
Yes, he is not that old. I would X-ray first to see health of bones and spine, then do gentle adjusting or use activator technique if he is worried he might get hurt. The right touch is important.
I do not know. What are his symptoms, previous diagnosis, etc., he may even be a surgical candidate. Imaging and exam would tell us if it’s a treatable condition.
Thank you for the question. Regardless of age, chiropractic care is a great, proven, conservative treatment option for back pain. A chiropractic will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the cause of the back pain. This will better guide the chiropractor in knowing if manual adjustments are the best course of action. There are also other methods including exercises, stretches, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and the use of an activator. The best course of care can be found by a chiropractor that takes a comprehensive examination to determine the structure that is involved with the pain.
Yes, but the Chiropractor should be willing to lighten his or her technique in order to make your father more comfortable. In my office we would pair his spinal care with physical therapy in order to create motion in the spine and to strengthen around the corrected structure at the same time. Feel free to contact my office with any further questions.
Prostate issues can cause back pain as well. Have him get evaluated and maybe an X-ray of the lower spine just to be sure...before starting care. 3-6 visits is a typical course of care with a good chiropractor.