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Would I need to replace dental implants over time?

I'm 37 and I had dental implants placed about a year ago. Would I need to replace these over time? How often would I need new ones?

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No you will have to replace the crown
Most dental implants last a long time. Mandibular (lower jaw) implants tend to be more successful. Over 90% successful and last 15 or more years. Maxillary implants are successful about 75% of the time and last 10 or more yrs. You MUST keep the area clean FLOSS+++ and have the area checked by your dentist every 3-6 months. Make sure the tooth does NOT feel high.
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A dental implant can last many years and would not need replacement unless the implant failed. Failure usually results from the bone not integrating with the implant or poor oral hygiene around the implant, and if the patient is a smoker/diabetic (i.e. has a systemic issue that would lead to failure in the future).
No need to replace them. As longest you do a good job with your oral hygiene, they will stay with you for the rest of your life. But remember, if you can loose a tooth because of periodontal disease, you can loose an implant for the same reason.
There are different factors determine the longevity of dental implant such as the patient health diabetes and preexisting conditions could cause the implant to fail, where in the mouth the implant placed the back implants fail more than the front because of the heavy load applied on the back implants and implant can fail from poor hygiene just as natural tooth if the patient does not floss and brush regularly. The implants can last a life time as long as they are placed right and the patient do what they supposed to do to maintain it, but the crown the on it seat the top of the implant can tear and wear over time and might need to be place after 10-15 years.