Dentist Questions Yellow teeth

Can the yellow stains on my teeth be reversed?

I have yellow stains on my teeth, which really make my smile look bad. How can I get rid of these stains?

7 Answers

If any of the causes of yellow teeth have left you unsatisfied with your smile, you have many choices of whitening products. Professional teeth whitening is done at your dentist’s office and includes the application of a bleaching agent directly to your teeth. Special lights or lasers may also be used to enhance the performance of the bleach. Depending on the condition of your yellow teeth, you may have one or several treatments that range from approximately 30 minutes to an hour.
At-home teeth-whitening options include over the-counter whitening strips and gels, both of which use peroxide-based whitening gel. Initial results are typically seen in just a few days and last for up to twelve months for products. These options are more economical.
It is important to evaluate the cause of your staining. If it is by extrinsic factors, bleaching could be a solution, but if the cause is intrinsic like enamel malformation due to antibiotics, then a crown or veneers will be the solution.
it depends what type of stains you have if they are due to coffee tea or smoking or food then they can be reversed with polishing cleaning and bleaching but if they are due to fluorosis or were formed during the formative stages of tooth development or in embryonic phase of your growth before your birth then these might be irreversible and you can go for some other options, ask your dentist
We need to see what kind of a stain it is, if it is a stain coming from cigarettes, soda, etc. Yes, that can be removed, but if it is a stain built in your teeth that can't be removed, there are many options to fix it.
The enamel covering of your teeth is translucent meaning that light can pass easily through the enamel but the underlying Denton is brown and can shine through giving the appearance of stain underneath the enamel only because the enamel is too thin. This can be corrected with restorative procedures to give more opacity to the enamel itself and needs to be diagnosed by your dentist
If your stains are from food or tobacco, they are easily removed by at home bleaching systems. The ones offered by dentists are far more effective than over the counter systems, though they will also cost more per application. If the stains are deep within the tooth, a porcelain veneer may be necessary to cover the front of the tooth and hide the stain beneath.
It depends how deeply those stains incorporated into your tooth structure. Proper brushing technique and teeth bleaching can help.