Lab Tests Show Molecule Appears to Spur Cell Death in Tumors, Inflammation

Developed by Duke Health researchers, a new drug-like molecule appears to trigger cell death in tumors. The molecule, known as Takinib, works by reacting to a cell-signaling protein called tumor necrosis factor alpha.

Mass Casualty Training for Healthcare Professionals After Vegas Shooting

The Las Vegas area only has one Level I trauma center and they were unable to handle the amount of patients, having to triage the overflow in ambulance bays or have those not critical transferred to neighboring hospitals. Now, after the shooting, there are more efforts to have in place more effective trauma units. Keep reading to learn more about what is being done after the Las Vegas shooting.

Gluten Enzyme Pills: Do They Actually Work?

Gluten enzyme pills are not a new thing, as they have been around for quite some time already. Many celiac patients wonder do these actually work, or are they just another myth? Keep reading to learn more about the usage of gluten enzyme pills.

Research Shows Air Pollution May Be a Possible Trigger for Multiple Sclerosis Relapse

A team of investigators is using an urban air dispersion model known as the Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling System to evaluate various measurements of air pollution, land and surface roughness, and emission inventories.

Suicide in Nursing is Very Common

Among medical professionals, nurses, particularly female nurses, more than quadruples the suicide rate of other medical professionals and the general population. Keep reading to learn more about how suicide in nursing is much more common than one would think.