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Foods to Avoid if You Have Gout

Gout is caused by an excess of uric acid in the body, which then accumulates in the joints, causing the same to be inflamed, resulting in debilitating pain. The uric acid buildup in your body can be caused by several factors, from dehydration, surgery, hectic lifestyle, genetics to various other factors but the most prominent cause for it happens to be your diet. The condition results in excessive pain as well as swelling around the joints that could even restrict movement in a person.

While most food items provide your body with the essential nutrients and minerals, some of them happen to be loaded with purines. And as your body processes the purines, uric acid is produced as a by-product. This is why you need to avoid certain types of food and instead opt for the healthier variants, since eating less of the purine loaded food items should cause less inflammation and pain, and even prevent the onset of Gout.

Here are some of the food items that you may want to avoid taking, especially if you happen to suffer from Gout.

Avoid red meat:

Any regular diet that involves an excess of red meat is never good for you, eating excess red meat has been associated with colon cancer, heart attacks as well as causing skin cancer and a host of other health issues. And the fact that it is loaded with purines should make the case for avoiding red meat altogether. You can have red meat once in a while but if you are suffering from Gout it is better to avoid this particular food item altogether. The purine loaded meat is only bound to exacerbate your current condition and cause your joints to be inflamed more, resulting in more debilitating pain.


Salmon is loaded with essential nutrients and minerals and is packed with Omega 3 as well, making it one of the preferred food for most health aficionados. But it is also rich with purines and this is why you need to eat salmon in moderation only. Consuming salmon regularly can cause your Gout to flare up, making the whole experience an excruciatingly painful one.


Mackerels come loaded with various health benefits on account of the fact that it contains fish oil and Omega 3. But it also happens to be rich in Purines, and this is why you can cut back on this particular item and eat less of it, since an excess of mackerel in your diet will cause your joints to get inflamed more.

Liver, sweetbreads:

These are a rich source of purines and this is why you need to avoid eating the same as it will definitely cause your Gout to flare up more than the usual. While it may be hard for you to remain vigilant all the time, food items such as this one are to be avoided especially if you suffer from Gout. Even a single one off meal in the same can end up causing you unbearable pain on account of Gout, so make sure that you do not consume any liver or sweetbreads until your doctor or dietician tells you otherwise.


While having a slice or two of bacon for breakfast may sound appetizing, the fact remains that it is loaded with purines. And as a result, this is yet another food item that you would want to avoid, in order to prevent the buildup of uric acid in your body, resulting in more inflammation and pain.


Beef contains extraordinarily high levels of purines and is to be avoided by all those suffering from Gout. And if you want to manage your current condition better, then you actively need to avoid beef dishes and prevent any excess uric acid from building up in your joints.


While most sea food do contain high amount of purines, this is sometimes offset by the other health benefits they bring to the table. For example, scallops are loaded with Omega 3 and contain extremely low fat but then again, they are rich with purines. Given this, you may want to avoid taking scallops or cut back and take it in moderation. Do consult your doctor as well as your dietician regarding this. And remember, the same goes for most sea food since sea food in general do provide you with a lot of health benefits. These foods can be consumed occasionally once your condition begins to improve.

Game meats:

Although there has been no definitive study to establish the correlation between consuming certain food items and the incidences of Gout, there is enough historical evidence to provide the firm connection that following a certain diet will cause your Gout to flare up. And Game meat falls in the same category, since they are loaded with Purines. You may want to avoid consuming all and any game meat since it can cause your body to produce excess uric acid causing your joints to swell up more, resulting in you having to experience debilitating pain. The perfect example of a rich diet and the impact on your body can best be gleamed from Henry the 8th. And there are several similar examples, which is why it is always a good idea to avoid food items loaded with Purines.


It is always a good idea to avoid any meat based gravy; the dish will be loaded with juices from the meat and will be high on purines as well. So if you happen to be suffering from Gout then you would definitely want to give all meat based gravies a wide berth.


Consumption of beer is not recommended for people suffering from gout. It not only results in a build up of uric acid in the body but is also hard for the body to get rid off, which eventually results in a toxin buildup in the body. Wine is certainly a healthier choice if you really want to indulge. Drinking however should be avoided in case your gout condition has flared up excessively. Refrain till the condition settles.

Sugary drinks:

Consuming beverages with high levels of sugar and fructose corn syrup as well as soda contents is a complete no-no for those suffering from gout. These drinks not only pile on excess pounds that are hard to lose, but also cause the body to produce more uric acid which is the main cause of gout. In various studies it has clearly been indicated that men and women who consume excess levels of sugary drinks are highly prone to getting affected by the gout condition.

Gout is a lifelong condition for which no complete cure exists at the moment. If the others in your family have had gotten Gout, then chances are that you are genetically predisposed to get the same, so you can take a few preventive measures by avoiding all the food items listed above and instead opting for a healthy diet.

It is completely false to believe that people suffering from gout have absolutely no eating choices. There are a number of foods that may help one deal better with the condition and prevent it too. These foods essentially comprise of low fat dairy products, complex carbohydrates that cause the body to work harder on digestion, coffee and fresh fruits especially the citrus fruits which are also rich in fibre.  For those suffering from gout, liquid intake is an important part of the management of the condition. One should ensure getting 12 to 16 cups of fluid intake per day. Water may seem boring, and hence healthy soups and juices can also be a part of the diet.

It is important that you understand that while this condition may not have a cure at the moment, it is perfectly manageable with the right medications, healthy diet, exercises and a few changes to your lifestyle as well.