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How to Treat Chronic Diarrhea

Over the counter medications: There are certain over the counter medications which can help to treat diarrhea under medical supervision. Few of those medications would include attapulgite, lmodium, subsalicylate. These drugs however can only help in providing relief from the symptoms they are not that helpful in treating the underlying cause of the diarrhea. In case of chronic diarrhea, one should not use these drugs without first getting the consent of the doctor.

Avoiding possible food triggering diarrhea: When one is suffering from diarrhea, there can be chances of dehydration which can prove to be extremely dangerous for the individual especially in case of young children and older people hence it becomes important in such cases to keep a watch on your diet intake. Try to avoid soda, alcohol or caffeinated drinks. Also avoid foods such as cabbage, beans, chickpeas, ice cream, green leafy veggies and peas.

Antibiotics: For those individuals who are suffering from diarrhea triggered due to parasites or bacteria then antibiotics can prove to be of some help here. In case if the diarrhea has been caused due to virus then antibiotics are not of any help.In case if the doctor has found out that the cause of diarrhea has been due to an antibiotic then they may look to lower the dose of that medicine or exchange that medication with another one which suits the body.

Importance of probiotics: These are one of the natural and effective method to treating diarrhea. It supplies the body with good bacteria directly in the gut. These are mostly live organisms which exist specially in certain food items and they are kefir, miso, dark chocolate, cottage cheese, kimchi, pickles, yogurt, and tempeh. Probiotics are also available in the form of pill or powder. The good bacteria are known to play an important role in protecting the intestines from any kind of infection

Saccharomyces boulardii: This is a kind of yeast which is known to help in restoring the gut of the individual and also provide significant amount of relief from traveler’s diarrhea. It cannot be termed as a bacterium but it mostly acts like one. It helps to improve the antibiotic associated diarrhea in an individual. Since it is a yeast, one should use it with caution especially in those individuals whose immune system is a bit weak.

Acupuncture: This may basically not be the first option for treatment of diarrhea but as per Chinese scientist they have confirmed that the treatment of acupuncture can cure cases of acute diarrhea in those patients who are already suffering from cerebral palsy.

Homeopathic treatment: When the other conventional routes have failed then certain individual can take the help of homeopathic treatment wherein they can use supplements such as veratrum, album, calcarea carbonica, chamomile and Sulphur.

Fluid Intake: It is important and the doctor would also recommend the individual to replace the lost fluids or water. Hydration is a key when one is suffering from diarrhea. In case of infants suffering from diarrhea should be breastfed or formula-fed. Certain over the counter pediatric hydration solutions such as pedialyte can be a recommended fluid for children suffering from diarrhea. It becomes important to take small amount of hydration frequently throughout the day. Avoid the use of soda, milk or carbonated drinks for hydration.

Treatment of underlying conditions: In case if an individual has been suffering from diarrhea due to any serious kind of illness such as an inflammatory bowel disease or some other illness then the doctor would lay out a proper comprehensive treatment plan for curing the underlying medical condition.