Hospitalist Questions Diarrhea

Is diarrhea something to go to the hospital for?

My boyfriend has had diarrhea a couple of times lately and I'm starting to get worried. Is it something that he can go to the hospital for?

4 Answers

Yes, if it persists, or if he is bleeding, has fever, or if he’s getting dehydrated.
No, most of the time. Should consult your primary doctor first.
Usually no, buy it depends on how severe it is. Diarrhea usually only needs hospitalization if it is causing dehydration or there is significant bloody diarrhea.
Generally, this is something that could be handled by a primary care physician or a gastroenterologist (GI doctor). He would only need to go to an ER if he was having massive diarrhea, high fevers, or having other significant symptoms. Alternatively, he could go to an urgent care center.