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Tips for Optimal Cardiovascular Health

It is said that an individual should exercise 30 minutes a day and at least five days a week. This would help to bring about improvement in the health of the heart and also would reduce the risk of any cardiovascular disorder. Moderate kind of weight training exercise is known to offer a big benefit for those individuals who suffer from heart related disorder. -However, there are certain precautions as well which an individual should take care of before they go in for these exercises. Certain heart patients should not go in for lifting weights without the permission from the doctor. Weight training is mostly not recommended for those individuals who suffer from severe case of pulmonary hypertension, aortic dissection, congestive heart failure, Marfan syndrome or an acute infection of the heart. There are certain things which one must note before they go in for exercising and those are:

  • While lifting weights ensure that it should in a rhythmic manner hence it should be at a moderate to slow pace and each speed should be well controlled.
  • While lifting ensure to lift the weights through a full range of motion.
  • Ensure to always alternate between the upper body and the lower body. Do not just put all your efforts on one part all the time.
  • When carrying out any exercise, ensure to start off with a single set which should be done for two days a week.
  • Never to hold your breath and straining while exercising instead you should go in for exhaling the breathing during the contraction time of the lift and while you are in the relaxation phase you should inhale slowly. All the breathing should be a slow and gradual phase transitioning from exhaling and inhaling. Breathing should never be jerky since it can hurt you.

Strength Exercises: In this busy schedule of life, at times an individual may find it difficult to spend a complete 30 minutes of the day for exercising. Strength and resistance training exercises are beneficial for gaining endurance, flexibility and balancing. These strength training exercise need not be carried out on a daily basis since it can be alternated or planned along with other forms of exercises during the weeks’ time. Variety in exercises would help to keep the body healthy as well as fit and at the same time it would make the exercise routine entertaining. Many a times those individuals who have suffered a stroke or heart attack are scared to exercise but it is said that regular form of physical activity is actually beneficial and it can also help to reduce the chances of the individual in having another heart attack. Physical activity is known to improve the cardiovascular fitness.

Below are two of the strength training exercises which can be carried out to help an individual build their muscles and the best part is that it can be done just anywhere.

  • Front Arm Raise: This is basically a shoulder strengthening exercise which must be done with the help of any light hand-held weights. You can also make use of light weight dumbbells. Stand with the torso straight and the weights should be held in your hands and in front of the thighs just at the arm’s length. The feet should be shoulder width apart. The palms should be facing towards your thighs. This should always be the starting position. Now by maintaining the straight torso with no swinging movement slowly lift the weight to the front along with a slight bend on the elbow. Ensure that the palms should be facing downwards all the while. Continue to bring your hand up until the arm is just parallel to the floor. Now exhale as you perform this portion of the movement. Stay at this position for a second and then inhale to slowly lower the weights back down to the initial position. Rest for a second and then repeat this again. This exercise can be performed by raising both the hands together or you can also alternate from left to right one at a time based on your comfort level. Instead of a dumbbell or any other weight you can also use a barbell.
  • Toe Stands: This is a very simple exercise and can be done anywhere. It would help to strengthen the calves as well as the ankles. It would also be helpful in making walking easier. Firstly, stand behind a sturdy chair with the feet shoulder width apart from each other. Hold on to the chair for balance and breath in slowly now. Breath out slowly and stand on your tip toes stretching as much as possible. Hold this posture for a second. Now breath in slowly and lower the heels to the floor. Do not rush to bring it down else it can lead to jerking. This exercise can be repeated around ten to fifteen times with break in between. As you progress with this exercise and if you are comfortable to carry out a higher version of this exercise, try doing it by standing on one leg at a time. This can be done for 10 to 15 minutes for each of the leg. There are certain safety measures one should ensure while practicing this exercise. It is quite normal to come across muscle soreness since it can last for a few days and there can be cases of fatigue. Once you carry out these exercises for few weeks then probably this soreness would not last after the workout. For preventing the injury do not jerk, go in for smooth and steady movements.

While carrying out strength exercises do not hold your breath for too long since holding your breath while straining can lead to blood pressure change. Hence it is important to breath in slowly through the nose and breath out slowly through the mouth. You can also speak to your doctor if you are not sure about which particular exercise to be carried out especially for those who have undergone hip or back related surgery.