Women's Health

Things Women Do That Men Will Never Understand

"Those shoes are clearly uncomfortable. Why suffer through the pain?"

Have you ever gone out with your friends and one is lagging behind because her shoes are too uncomfortable to keep up at a reasonable pace? You might be wondering why she would wear those shoes in the first place if they’re so uncomfortable, but you have to consider how important style is. Some of the most expensive and fashionable shoes in the world are nearly impossible to walk in, and even if you can manage to you will probably find yourself in a heap of pain. So, give women a break - at least our outfits are on point even if we are walking slowly and our feet are in pain. 

Yes, we might complain from time to time, but you try to walk on cobblestone streets with spikes on your heel! It's difficult but hey, beauty is pain. (If you want to be a gentleman, feel free to carry someone who is struggling!)