Women's Health

Things Women Do That Men Will Never Understand

"Women always say that they have *nothing* to wear. They have SO many options!"

Ever invited a woman somewhere and she hesitates about going because she has “nothing to wear?” Let’s break down what this means. 

So, she might actually have plenty of options of things to wear - so don’t take what she is saying literally, that probably is not what she means. However, many women take great pride in their style. So, sometimes they don’t want to wear something they’ve already worn and been photographed in, or they can’t think of anything hanging in their closet that would be absolutely perfect for the occasion. If there is a theme to wherever you are trying to go, or a specific dress code, often women will want to do the absolute best they can or not participate at all.

So, not having anything to wear usually means not having the ideal thing to wear. But don't worry, most of the time we will find something.