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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Getting Involved

breast cancer awareness month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Getting Involved

This October kicks off another Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A tradition of over 30 years, BCAM is the joint effort of medical professionals, public service organizations, and government agencies to bring awareness to breast cancer. It was initially just a weeklong event to promote mammography, but has now grown into an international, month long affair to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. Though the discussion about breast cancer should be a year-round effort, BCAM offers a special opportunity to bring awareness to the disease and garner more public interest in research efforts. It is also a chance to honor those who have battled or are currently battling the disease. 

Immediately people think of pink ribbon when they think about breast cancer awareness. They are a widespread symbol. In 1991, the now famed pink ribbon was distributed by The Susan G Komen Foundation. The goal of this awareness is to by improving early detection support services, education to support women with a history of breast cancer.

Increasing awareness and educating about the disease is the main goal of BCAM. Every woman should know what is normal for her breast should and understand the importance of self monitoring. It is advised to report to the doctor immediately if you notice anything unusual or any changes. When it comes to beating cancer early detection is very important. Breast cancer can be reduced in various ways although there is no sure way to prevent it. Lifestyle way can help reduce breast cancer such as maintaining healthy weight, limiting consumption of alcohol, physical activity. Estrogen replacement therapy can increase the risk of breast cancer hence should be avoided by women who are in menopause.

Metastatic breast cancer has no cure currently.  Prior to detection, the cancer has already spread to other body parts. Thus treatments such as lumpectomies, mastectomies become ineffective. Breast cancer can be prevented from getting evolved by early detection. Fundraising for palliative care is one of the focus of BCAM. For people with metastatic breast cancer this will help improve the quality of life. In precision medicine, flowers emphasize efforts, which mean that in order to reduce the drug resistance, the specific drug is matched to the patient.

To raise awareness you can take individual action as well as join any large organization. In your community you can raise awareness.

Breast cancer Now has sponsored Wear It Pink on October 20th. In the United Kingdom it was the largest breast cancer charity. Since 2002 it has been taking place. In the UK it is one of the biggest fundraising events. In your home country you can make a donation to a cancer research organization and simply on this day you wear something pink. Research efforts are especially important.

In the US one popular race, the Avon 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer. It takes place in a span of two days in New York. For cancer organizations it is a fundraiser. In various cities throughout the year, this event also sponsors many other fundraising walks. Making Strides Against Cancer was hosted by The American Cancer Society. A span of 3-5 miles in walked. To help with prevention and early detection, this event raises money for support network, cancer research and efforts.

Some with regard to fundraising may get creative. One such is in Jamestown, North Dakota. Breast cancer research stamps are sold by them. They have been doing this since 1998. For National Institutes of Health they have raised more than 86 million dollars and also they have raised money for the Medical Research Program. Look for these types of products in your restaurants and favourite stores.

Many may participate in fundraising events. You can also encourage people of your community in the efforts of fundraising and awareness. Social media can spread the message of wearing pink and other fundraising events  such as a walk or race.