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Supportive Care for Advanced Ovarian Cancer

Chemotherapy can be palliative, too

Did you know chemotherapy can be considered palliative, too? Sometimes, chemo isn't given for the goal of eradicating a tumor. Rather, its purpose is to shrink the tumor enough so that the patient can be more comfortable. For example, sometimes the mass is so big that it's affecting someone' ability to go to the bathroom or is causing a lot of pain. Simply shrinking its size without totally getting rid of it is enough to at least bring a lot more comfort to the patient.

Studies have shown benefits of palliative care to quality of life in cancer patients

Though palliative care may not have a direct effect on prolonging your life, studies have shown that people with cancer who get this type of care end up with fewer symptoms. With less pain, nausea, and depression, patients with palliative care tend to have a much better quality of lives than those without.