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Ovarian Cancer Treatment Leads Two Women to Friendship

Ovarian Cancer: What happened in the end?

What happened in the end?

After many long and hard months, Erin and Nicola celebrated together. They survived. Nicola found out she was free of cancer just days before Erin received her good news. The two women reached the end of a long journey together, hand in hand.

Where they are now

Together, the best friends share a cancer survivor story. They still remain best friends.

They had planned to ride bikes together with their husbands at the BC Cancer Foundations fundraiser this year. The event, Ride to Conquer Cancer, is a 200-kilometer bike ride traveling from Vancouver all the way to Seattle. Because both women were very sick last year, they had vowed to attend the event together the following year after they had recovered.
Though it was a happy ending for the two best friends, their plans to go to the fundraiser were thrown off course when Erin needed a surgery making her unable to join. But after facing so much hardship together, the pair were prepared for life’s unexpected twists and turns.

This year, Nicola will attend the fundraiser without Erin, since she isn’t well enough to join. She is going to represent both of them as “Team Lady Bits”. Both women donated money to the foundation to fund research in gynecological cancers. Erin knows she will be there in spirit, supporting and cheering her best friend on in the ride.