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Dr. Daniel Prata PT, DPT, COMT

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Daniel Prata is a physical therapist and Co-Owner of Forward Motion Physical Therapy. He graduated from Seton Hall University in 2003 with a BS in Biology and gradated form Seton Hall University Graduate Medical Program with a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree in 2006. Since that time, Daniel has obtained his Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) designator from the Australian Maitland Seminars. Daniel has continued his passion to learn by embracing current concepts of Pain Neuroscience and utilizing concepts from the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Mulligan concept, Paris techniques, McKenzie concept, and many more. Daniel is an avid educator not only to his patients but also as a Clinical Instructor to Seton Halls Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Dr. Prata is currently waiting to sit for his Board Certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and has future inspiration to become a Fellow with the Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists.

Education and Training

Seton Hall University BS- Biology 2003

Seton Hall University Graduate Medical Program Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) 2006

Provider Details

Male English, Portuguese
Dr. Daniel Prata PT, DPT, COMT
Dr. Daniel Prata PT, DPT, COMT's Expert Contributions
  • What could be the cause of a painless swelling in baby’s tibia bone?

    I would love to answer that question, but there could be many factors. If the baby doesn't have a bruise showing the baby kicked something, I would bring the baby to have it looked at by their pediatrician. Without mechanism of injury, I would always err on the side of caution. More than likely it's nothing and it was related to the baby crawling or playing but as a dad, I would have it checked out further. Daniel Prata, PT, DPT, COMT READ MORE

  • Is joint pain a symptom of gout?

    It can be. Typically, joint pain affects the smaller joints such as your toes. It can be in your bigger joints, but it can be other things such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, etc. It's in your best interest to further investigate with simple blood work. In regards to exercise, no matter what you have, exercise is always beneficial. However, speak to a physical therapist to determine which exercises are for you at this given time. The wrong exercise at the wrong time may be more negative than positive. When in doubt, listen to your symptoms. Increase in pain longer than a 24-hour period is usually a sign of either too much activity or wrong activity. Daniel Prata PT, DPT, COMT READ MORE

  • When I type on the computer I am having a pain in my wrist. What could be the reason?

    Based on the information provided, its tough to tell. Do you have pain in the wrist when grabbing/carrying/manipulating things in standing or any other position then just sitting. deos your wrist pain changed with head movements such as if you look up or turned all the way to either direction? If it just when you type, you may be suffering inflammation to either your wrist flexors/finger flexors or extensors. I would try to do some wrest stretches, followed by wrist and gripping exercises. If symptoms persists, get evaluated to find out the causes of your pain. READ MORE

  • I have increased twitching in the left thumb. Is that a sign of cervical disc herniation worsening?

    twitching/fasciculations in itself is not a sign of disc herniation. Weakness, numbness, tingling, and decreased reflexes are more common signs of disc herniation. Also, remember, many people have herniated discs without any pain or symptoms. Do not get caught up on the MRI results as most people recover with rehabilitation. READ MORE

  • After a hip surgery, when can I resume exercise?

    discuss this with your surgeon as there are many "hip bone" surgeries. 3 months of bed rest is a very long time and I am not familiar of any common surgery that recommends "bed rest" for 3 months READ MORE

  • My knee hurts every time I try and jog. What could be the reason behind this?

    running is a activity just like pitching in baseball is a activity. Just running is like telling a Major League Baseball pitcher to just through a ball as hard as they can 100 times a day......they will injure themselves very quickly. Running/jogging is a great Activity, but you need to make sure you are physical fit to tolerate the demands of running. I recommend supplement jogging with other exercises such as weight training READ MORE

  • I get a pain in my lower back when I sit. How can I reduce the pain?

    you should avoid sitting for so long during the 16 hours. For example get up for 1 minute every hour just to stretch out. Do some McKenzie standing extensions (youtube it). Also, when you are not working, i would highly recommend to exercise (weight training, cross training, pilates, yoga) any exercises that gets you moving all over to counter balance the sedentary job you have. READ MORE

  • My shoulder hurts when I raise my arm. What should I do?

    get evaluated by a physical therapist to assess why its hurting in the first place READ MORE

  • I'm only 23 and experiencing knee pain during exercise. Why?

    just knee pain doesn't correlated with Rheumatic diseases. Usually effects smaller joints like hands and feet and is bilateral. Not big joint and only 1. Also, just running or swimming is not great on the body. you need to do other exercises to tolerate the stress you put on your body while running, prolonged walking, and swimming. Try weight training READ MORE

  • I have a constant lower back pain. Can it he managed through exercise?

    Constant? Does your symptoms change with position or activity? If there is no change in your symptoms, you see your MD as it can be something more than just a orthopedic problem. If there is change, that's great. That means its more than likely orthopedic/musculoskeletal related. Specific exercises? you would need to be evaluated. Call a reputable physical therapist in your area to be evaluated and see what they recommend READ MORE

  • I have a 12 hour desk job and my body feels very stiff by the end of the day. Please suggest some desk exercises.

    any exercises will help. Do whatever you like to do best READ MORE

  • Knee replacement therapy

    depending on what kind of work you do. If you do office work, you can be back to work 4-6 weeks however you still will need to undergo physical therapy. Walking normally is usually 6-8 after surgery. It all depends on how well your body responds to the surgery. READ MORE

  • Is there a way to reverse osteoporosis?

    There are some studies show that there can be a reversal but there definitely can retard or stop the progression. Medications, healthy diet, and regular exercise is key. Being evaluated by a physical therapist is a good idea as the physical therapist can evaluate you and understand where to begin with your exercises based upon the assessment. Daniel Prata, PT, DPT, COMT READ MORE

  • What are the main factors causing sciatica in people?

    Symptoms radiating down the leg, which is commonly known as sciatica, can be caused from 3 main factors. Vertebral disc herniating and compressing nerve, stenosis causing compression of the spinal nerves and if symptoms don’t cross below the knee it can be facet arthritis . If it’s your mom, and she is over the age of 50, it’s more than likely stenosis. Good thing is that physical therapy that helps improve mobility and stability that can significantly help. And just being active is very helpful. Some people may need epidurals/facet injections, medications, and surgery however that should be the last resort considering there is a growing body of evidence showing physical therapy is as good or even superior to more aggressive treatments. If your mother’s legs are giving way, she has had changes in bladder and bowel function, or she has sensory changes to her genitalia, you need to seek medical treatment immediately. If not, get evaluated by a competent physical therapist READ MORE

  • How long should I be on physical therapy to ease my injury due to lifting weights?

    That would depend on the type of injury. This is a question that you should feel comfortable asking your physical therapist. READ MORE

  • I have a very painful ankle due to an injury that occurred last week. What should I do?

    If it's been 1 week and the pain is very severe, seek treatment. A PT can evaluate and determine if you have any instability or potential fracture. If you do not have good rehab potential, they will refer you out for X-rays for fractures and, depending, MRIs for soft tissue injuries. READ MORE

  • Can disc hernia cause issues with hands and legs?

    Your neck affects your arms. Your low back affects your legs. If your arms and legs are both symptomatic, you may have either something going on or you have central component like a myelopathy. You should seek medical treatment. READ MORE

  • Is it normal to have pain and swelling after an arthroscopic surgery?

    You should consult with the surgeon. It can be normal. If your dad is greater than 40 years old, more than likely he had an arthritic knee. If they did a meniscectomy, then it can be normal. Studies show the only reason why you have a meniscectomy is if you failed conservative treatment (physical therapy, cortisone injections, viscosupplement injections) or if your knee gets stuck. The older you are, the worse your prognosis following a knee replacement. READ MORE

  • What is electrical stimulation for?

    Distracts your mind while you're on it. There is little therapeutic effect. READ MORE

  • What could be the reason behind mid back pain?

    If your mid back pain changes with movement or positions, than its more than likely a musculoskeletal problem (joint, ligament, disc, nerve, muscle). If its constant and you are unable to alleviate your pain, than you should immediately consult your physician as it can be related to your heart or other visceral/organ referred pain such as stomach, gallbbladder, kidney etc. It can be temporary but I am unsure unless i was to perform a physical examination. Also, pain itself is not a predictor of whats going on. If your pain goes away, you still may have the causes of your pain such as restrictions to your muscle, joints, nerves or weakness/lack of stability. Hopefully this helps and points you to the right direction. See a physical therapist for a evaluation. If you are located in North New Jersey area, give us a call READ MORE

  • Left shoulder wider than right shoulder. What are the possible reasons?

    You may be having impingement of the shoulder and should seek treatment from a physical therapist. READ MORE

  • What is dry needling in physical therapy?

    Dry needling is a technique where a therapist attempts to reduce spasm of a muscle using a acupuncture needle. It's not acupunctures as we are not working on these magical "meridian pathways" and are treating muscle that we are very qualified to treat. That being said, I have taken courses and utilized the treatment, but the research questions in efficacy. I tend to use techniques that are less "aggressive" in a sense where I am not penetrating through the skin. Last resort and when presentation indicated, I would use dry needling. However, that being said, if you hate needles, then don't bother, you more than likely will not have a positive experience. This is where Therapeutic Pain Neuroscience comes into play. READ MORE

  • After a back surgery, when can I start with physical therapy?

    It varies amongst the literature and by surgeon. I personally like to get patients going quickly (within 3-4 weeks after surgery), but you need to respect your surgeons wishes. They know exactly what they saw and what they did. Follow your surgeon's instructions. However, make sure you do physical therapy at some point after surgery. READ MORE

  • Once in a while I sleep on my hand and it gives me shoulder pain. Can you suggest some exercises I can do?

    Your body typically will wake you up and tell you "move out of this position please" by making your hand numb. That's not really an indicator that you need therapy. However, it may be a sign you have hypersensitivity to your nerve, which may need some neurodynamic treatments. Find a therapist that is competent in neural mobilizations (if that's the reason). You should be evaluated with a proper physical examination by a physical therapist to see what is causing your symptoms. READ MORE

  • Can physical therapy help in treating pain due to tennis elbow?

    Yes. It's a very common diagnosis we treat. Neural sensitivity and referred pain from cervical spine needs to be ruled out first. Then, proper grading of movement and stress to the impaired tissue needs to be done afterwards. READ MORE

  • I am experiencing pain around my hip. Will physical therapy help me?

    If you have no trauma, then a physical can help. However, you need to be evaluated by a physical therapist to determine that. READ MORE

  • How long does Guillain-Barré syndrome take to get treated with physical therapy?

    You heard correctly . There is no prognostic indicator or test to determine how long it will take. I am sorry I can't be of any more assistance READ MORE

  • I have recently put on a lot of weight and feel stiff around my hands and thighs. What can I do?

    Honestly, be evaluated by a PT who does SFMA/FMS assessment to determine what activities is most appropriate to start with and then how to progress it. Also, make sure you perform activities that you enjoy doing. Exercise is a great way to help with depression as it is one of the best ways to get body to create more serotonin. READ MORE

  • Can lying down on your stomach and watching TV affect my neck?

    Posture has a poor correlation or predictor of pain. However, if your body is giving you pain while in a certain position, get out of that position. Listen to your body. READ MORE

  • I am gaining weight around the back of my neck. What could be the problem?

    You cannot selectively tone a certain area. Your body will shrink fat cells as you diet and exercise throughout your body. Most people see a reduction in fat cell/adipose cell size in the face first and then other body parts. Your increase in size on the back of the neck may be a sign of a dowager's hump. But you would need to be evaluated. READ MORE

  • Can lifting weights cause wear and tear?

    There's a bad stigma on weight lifting. Weight training is good. However, don't push through pain. Pain is your nervous system telling you there is something going on or may be going on. READ MORE

  • Can you suggest some stretches for treating my sciatica pain?

    Sciatica refers to pain traveling down the leg. Sciatica is a very loosely used term. I would highly recommend to be evaluated by a PT READ MORE

  • Can yoga make the bones weaker?

    i have never come across a research paper that indicates that. Typically, exercises, loaded positions, actually improves bone strength. I would highly recommend to do more research. Eat well, exercise often, and you will be fine. Consult with you MD/PT READ MORE

  • Can physical therapy help me relieve the muscular catch in my neck?

    Yes. You need to determine if you have a mobility problem or a stability problem. More than likely a stability problem, in my experience, but that needs to be evaluated. READ MORE

  • Is physical therapy advisable for sciatica pain?

    Yes, physical therapy can be quite helpful. READ MORE

  • Is physical therapy advisable after a hand fracture?

    It's debatable. Normally, children respond to just play, but honestly, find a reputable PT to evaluate and treat as necessary. READ MORE

  • Can physical therapy help my heel spurs?

    Yes. Please understand there are many people in this world who have heel spurs and do not have pain, and many have heel pain, but do not have heels spurs. Heel spurs are not a good indicator as to why you feel pain. Please see a good PT to be evaluated. READ MORE

  • Can PT help with motion sickness?

    You would need to be evaluated first to see if you have good rehab potential. If you present with cervicogenic dizziness or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, physical therapy can help READ MORE

  • Does physical therapy help in treating pins and needles pain?

    Yes, I would try physical therapy, especially since it is conservative and there really are no side effects. Find a therapist who understands referred pain from lumbar spine, poor neural dynamics, and can rule out red flags. The faster you treat something, the faster it goes away. READ MORE

  • What can I do for soreness in my legs?

    It's normal to feel sore after strenuous exercise, especially if it's your first time to push yourself to that level. Hot/Cold can help, but focus on active stretches and light workouts. If you have any significant tenderness to the calf muscle, changes in skin color, or shortness of breath, immediately seek medical attention, however. READ MORE

  • What should I do for knee pain?

    I highly recommend changing your workouts. If you just started to run without doing anything other exercises, you may be placing excessive stress on your knees. As always, a well balance exercise program consisting of weight training, mobility exercises, stability exercises, and cardiovascular exercises are important. Think of running like being a baseball pitcher. You wouldn't tell a baseball pitcher to throw a ball 100x a day at a 100MPH and not expect the pitcher to get hurt. The pitcher needs to be strong, mobile, good endurance, etc to be able to pitch. Same goes for a runner.....just running is not a great idea READ MORE

  • Is there any way to get relief from pain in my mid-back?

    There is, but you would need to be evaluated by a physical therapist to make sure there is nothing else going on. Just taking pain relievers may be masking the problem. Remember, pain is a symptom, not a cause. Pain indicates something may go wrong, not necessarily something is wrong also. Tough to answer with the information provided. READ MORE

  • I have a pain in my hamstrings after playing baseball. Can you suggest some stretches that could help me out?

    Honestly, there are some great ACTIVE stretches that you can perform. Best thing to do is YouTube Active stretches for legs and perform them before playing next time. Also, it is important to be exercising in general to allow your body to tolerate the stresses on your body from playing baseball. READ MORE

  • I am having a lot of pain all over my body post pregnancy. Should I go for some physical therapy?

    Yes it can. Also, as hard as it sounds, getting sleep, eating well, managing your stress levels will be very important. Make sure you're receiving help from your spouse, family and friends. Especially since you are a new mommy. Congratulations! READ MORE

  • Should I start physical therapy after 2 weeks of having my cast removed?

    Yes, you need to start moving to regain your motion. A Physical therapist, Certified Hand Therapist, or Occupational Therapist will be able to help you and guide you to recovery READ MORE

  • My son's left leg is weaker than the right. Do you think I can start him on some physical therapy?

    I would make sure there's nothing else going on and your child has been examined by his pediatrician. If nothing serious is going on (which I highly doubt), then physical therapy can help and just active play can be just as well. READ MORE

  • I get a cracking sound in my kneecap while running. Is this normal?

    Cracking is normal in joints, but not if it's painful. That being said, i don't recommend just running for losing weight. Watching what you eat, strength training, good sleep habits, and a variety of cardiovascular exercises are important. Just don't run. Not all exercises are good for you at this given time. READ MORE

  • Can physical therapy help with pregnancy backaches?

    Yes, it can. Stability, stability, stability! Find a good PT in your area that is comfortable treating pregnant women. READ MORE

  • What are some back exercises that I can do while working at my desk?

    There's no such thing as perfect exercises or perfect posture. However, pinching your shoulders repeatedly, getting up to go to the bathroom/grab a coffee, or just changing positions frequently can be helpful. Also, make sure you are active outside of work with exercises/strength training/cardiovascular training and an active lifestyle can be very helpful. READ MORE

  • My brother suffered a stroke that paralysed the left side of his body. Is it the right time to now start physical therapy?

    Physical Therapy is commonly started immediately after he is stable. Talk to his physician and utilize as much neuroplasticity as possible. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Manual Therapy Therapeutic Exercises Neuromuscular Re-education Selective Functional Movement AssessmentTherapeutic Pain Neuroscience

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  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • American Physical Therapy Association, New Jersey Chapter
  • American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist

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