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Dr. Nancy Johnson Warren PHD

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26A Bee Street A Charleston South Carolina, 29425


Dr. Nancy Warren is a psychologist practicing in Charleston, South Carolina.  Dr. Warren specializes in the treatment of  mental health problems, and helps people to cope with life stressors, trauma, as well as problems in their relationships. As a psychologist, Dr. Warren evaluates and treats patients through psychotherapy or talk therapy. Patients usually visit Dr. Warren because they have been experiencing depression, anxiety, stress or anger for a significant period of time and are seeking help. 

Education and Training

St. Louis University PhD 1978

St. Louis University MA 1976

Duke University BA 1973

Provider Details

Female English
Dr. Nancy Johnson Warren PHD
Dr. Nancy Johnson Warren PHD's Expert Contributions
  • Is CBT good for anxiety?

    Yes. CBT is an excellent treatment for anxiety. You can learn skills to manage anxiety and learn more about your thoughts which trigger anxiety. Many people who have anxiety need to reassess risk and learn how to handle situations more effectively. Good luck! Nancy J. Warren, PhD READ MORE

  • Are bipolar people manipulative?

    Being manipulative is not a characteristic of Bipolar disorder. You are describing something that is a problematic behavior not necessarily associated with a specific diagnosis. Be clear with the person about what you will and won't do - in other words keep your boundaries. This is the best way to handle manipulation. Nancy J. Warren, PhD READ MORE

  • Is anxiety and depression a disability?

    Depression and anxiety are often quite responsive to treatment. So it’s not a disability in the sense that there is nothing that can be done. Go seek treatment and DONT GIVE UP after one try. It can take a while to get results. Nancy J Warren, PhD READ MORE

  • Is it better to take sertraline at night or in the morning?

    Please ask your prescriber that question. My hunch would be if the medication makes you too drowsy, they might recommend an evening dose, but the MD would be the expert. Nancy J. Warren, PhD READ MORE

  • Do antidepressants work for generalized anxiety?

    I am not an MD, but what I hear from my psychiatrist colleagues is that SSRIs are helpful for generalized anxiety. Zoloft in particular. Nancy J. Warren, PhD READ MORE

  • Can social workers suffer from depression?

    Absolutely, Social workers, MD’s, PhD’s and anyone who works in the mental health field can suffer from depression. Our work is stressful, any of us can before depressed, burned out, or suffering from “Secondary Trauma”. Be sure to take enough time for self care and relationships. Also, talk to someone rather than isolating yourself, so you can process what you are feeling. Nancy J Warren, PhD READ MORE

  • Why am I having hallucinations?

    One possible reason might be if you are using drugs or drinking alcohol. These can cause hallucinations in some people. In any case, you should see a psychiatrist to see if medications can be helpful to you. Nancy J. Warren, PhD READ MORE

  • Is marriage counseling worthwhile soon after getting married?

    It is definitely worth it. Don’t wait until you both have so much disappointment and anger t built up,. Most newly married couples need to figure out how to communicate, and what “ghosts” from either earlier relationships or family of origin need to be put to rest. this is why many organizations and churches have pre-marital Counseling. I see it as preventive of future problems. Good luck Nancy Warren READ MORE

  • Should we go to counseling before getting divorced?

    Yes, I think counseling is a good idea. There are many reasons why couples get divorced. Some planning and collaboration about how best to do so is very helpful, particularly if you have children. You may have different ideas about how you=E2=80=99d like things to look for the family, and its helpful to know what each person is envisioning, and what each person wants. I hope this is helpful. Nancy J. Warren, PhD READ MORE

  • Do you have to be married for couples therapy?

    I think couples therapy can be very helpful if both partners are interesting in working on the relationship. Most couples can benefit from learning some communication skills, and how to deal with conflicts that are productive. Relationship skills can be helpful to most people, and they are not taught in school!! If your nuclear family was not very good at dealing productively with conflict (either too much conflict, or avoiding all conflict) you may not know how to disagree and solve problems without getting stuck. Hope this is helpful, Nancy Warren, PhD READ MORE

  • What are the symptoms of ADHD?

    Symptoms of ADHD can include higher than typical activity level, and distractibility, difficulty concentrating. But many other factors can influence these behaviors. For example, How old is your child? And how does he compare with other boys his own age? Boys often need a lot of physical activity, and younger boys have a shorter attention span than older boys do. Have him evaluated by an educational psychologist and his pediatrician to be sure that his activity level is different from kids of his age. Sleep and exercise make a big difference. Make sure that he gets enough sleep. And what is his diet like? Does he eat a lot of sugars or processed foods? These can increase activity levels also. Have there been stresses or changes in his life? Moves, losses, change of schools? These can make a child more distractible, but this is not a diagnosis of “ADHD.” I hope this information is helpful to you. Nancy J. Warren, PhD READ MORE

  • Why am I never in a mood for sex?

    There are many reasons why you might not have sexual desire. To list a few, start with a full physical exam to make sure that your health is good. Some physical conditions can effect sexual drive. Have you testosterone levels checked and your thyroid. How much stress are you under at work? Are you preoccupied or anxious about things there so it’s hard to turn it off? Depression can also reduce drive. How has your mood been? And how well are you are your wife communicating? If you feel under pressure to perform that may also make it hard to relax destress and be in the mood for sex. Hopefully this will help you to understand what is going on with you and guide what your next steps might be. Nancy J Warren PhD. READ MORE

  • Can psychologists also help one deal with pain better?

    Yes, a psychologist may be able to help. Pain is often associated with depression and grief. Talking about and processing feelings is very helpful. Older people are sensitive to medications and so I would not start there. Gently encourage her to talk about her emotions and experiences. I hope this can help. Nancy Warren, PhD READ MORE

  • My sister had a car accident last month. What can we do to help her?

    It will be helpful to be understanding, but do not step in to do all the driving for her. She will need to gradually get comfortable with driving again, typically this reaction will only take a few weeks. First allow her be a passenger in the front seat, then ask that she drive, on a quiet road or neighborhood street. If the problem persists, seek help from a phobia treatment specialist. READ MORE

  • How long will it take for my wife to recover from postpartum depression?

    Postpartum sadness is quite common, however postpartum depression which is deeper and more long lasting feelings of depression and despair can be quite serious. Please do not ignore this, thinking that it is only mild sadness. Check in frequently with your wife to hear how she is feeling. Be supportive of her feelings. Be her partner and help out more, and be a friend. If she continues to feel depressed for several weeks, or is thinking about suicide, seek help immediately from a psychiatrist who specializes in women's health. Your wife may also need to discuss her feelings with a psychologist or therapist. PPD can interfere with the parent-baby bonding, and should be attended to. READ MORE

  • Can depression lead to dementia?

    Depression does not lead to dementia. However, untreated depression can interfere with memory and can become serious. Is she eating and sleeping well? Please have her see a geriatric psychiatrist for a full evaluation. This is not something to ignore as “just a passing thing”. If she is currently on medications, she might need a second opinion as medications for depression affect older people differently and she might be having an adverse reaction. She would probably also benefit from speaking to a psychotherapist about her grief. This can be very helpful to an older person who may not wish to “burden “ her children. Nancy J Warren, PhD READ MORE

  • My son has been diagnosed with autism and it is depressing my wife. Please help.

    A diagnosis of your child, such as of autism, or intellectual disability, is a shock, and there is a normal grieving that parents will have to go through. Some people feel angry "Why me?," others may blame themselves, "What did I do wrong?" and a few will go into denial, "This can't be happening to me, maybe the diagnosis is wrong." All of these responses are normal, and not a sign that your wife is unable to deal with the trauma. This is part of dealing with the trauma, feeling the feelings that come along and being able to express a full range of these feelings to loved ones. READ MORE

  • Would I be able to cure my depression with just exercise?

    Research shows that moderate depression can be alleviated with regular exercise. In addition to this, though, it is helpful to be aware of your thoughts and feelings. In addition, what other stresses are you experiencing? No one thing is a cure, so be clear about what are you expecting. I hope this is helpful. Nancy J Warren PhD READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

PsychotherapyPsychoanalysisCouples therapy

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Clinical Associate Professor Medical University of South Carolina 2011 - 2019

Professional Memberships

  • American Psychological Association  
  • American Psychoanalytic Association  
  • American Association of Marital and Family therapy  
  • National Register of Health Service Psychologists  

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