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Can you do psychoanalysis on yourself?

I am a 29 year old male. I wonder if you can do psychoanalysis on yourself?

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Psychoanalysis is designed to help you to see beyond what you are consciously aware of, to help you understand your blind spots. So it's not really a do-it-yourself type of process. There is only so much you can do by yourself. If you want to receive the full benefit, consult a trained psychoanalyst.

I am glad that you are curious about psychoanalysis. It can be extremely helpful to understand more about yourself and get feedback from another person!
No. Psychoanalysis requires a professional with many years of training.
If you really know how to do psychoanalysis, you’re likely a psychoanalyst and know better than to think you could do that. If a friend asked whether they should go for analysis to someone who doesn’t know how, what would be your advice to them?
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