Dr. William T Durkin M.D., Emergency Physician
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Dr. William T Durkin M.D.

Emergency Physician

3101 N. Hampton Dr. 505 Alexandria VA, 22302


Dr. William Durkin practices Emergency Medicine in Alexandria, VA. Dr. Durkin assesses patients who seek immediate medical attention at any time of day or night. Emergency Medicine Physicians are trained to efficiently work with each patient and situation no matter how acute or life-threatening. Dr. Durkin examines patients, determines means of testing, diagnoses conditions, and decides the best treatment methods.

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Emergency MedicineAmerican Board of Emergency MedicineABEM

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MaleEnglish 37 years of experience
Dr. William T Durkin M.D.
Dr. William T Durkin M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • I think I'm in serious trouble and I'm scared?

    Summing the bruises are due to some form of trauma, the sensation you feel is secondary to pressure on the nerve sheath from the bruise. A bruise is a collection of blood in the tissues. This presses on the surrounding structures. YOur symptoms should resolve as the bruise resolves, usually within a week. IF it persists, see a physician for an exam.. READ MORE

  • Possible stitches?

    From the pics you sent, it looks like the wound will need to be closed. READ MORE

  • Can being hit in the head cause a seizure?

    Your neighbor should have immediately gone to an ER to be evaliated, including a head CT scan. A seizure after any kind of head trauma is indicative of brain injury and needs immediate evaluation and treatment. If someone does have a seizure disorder, they are started on a daily medication regimen to control them. They are usually under the treatment of a neurologist who can manage the problem. READ MORE

  • Ethical query?

    This is an interesting predicament. I would consult with the hospital attorney for their opinion. Looks as though the prognosis is dismal. Should she be successfully resuscitated, what is the future for her? Does a patient have the right to choose to end their life when there is no hope for a cure? Will they be a financial burden to their family? Is/will she be suffering pain? Tough situation. Personally, I would lean to honoring her wishes and not resuscitating her. However, many overdose patients do not require resuscitation, but merely supportive care until the drug wears off. I would be inclined to give the supportive care and not resuscitate her should she suddenly code. READ MORE

  • Can a kidney infection return after antibiotics?

    Sometimes. If the organism causing the infection is resistant or only slightly sensitive to the antibiotic prescribed, then it will recur soon. Getting a culture of the urine along with antibiotic sensitivities will be the best course in this case. If the antibiotic is appropriate given the culture/sensitivity of the bacteria, one should consider other reasons for the recurrence. READ MORE

  • When should you go to the ER for diarrhea?

    If there is blood in the stool, recent foreign travel, then you should go. Otherwise, try the usual remedies and be sure to drink fluids. Dry toast, rice, bananas, dry shredded wheat, metamucil will help to decrease the frequency of your stool and make them less liquid. If you are having 4-5 stools/day, feel lightheaded, then you should also be seen. READ MORE

  • What should be the first aid for nose bleeding?

    Pinch both nostrils shut, tilt his head back for about 10". IF he is still bleeding at that time, he should be seen by a doctor. If he is on aspirin or "blood thinners," then he may be more prone to nosebleeds. Also, an elevated blood pressure can also cause someone to have a nose bleed. Humidifying the air in his room, especially at night if the heat is on, can also help prevent the nose bleeds. READ MORE

  • Will the ER give you pain meds?

    The ER will give you any pain meds that they think to be appropriate for your condition. More important is to determine what is causing your pain. If the pain is chronic, they may refer you to a pain management specialist. Understand that most ED's do not give narcotics for chronic pain. READ MORE

  • Can you leave the ER without being discharged?

    Yes, you can. The doctor will advise you of the risks of leaving against medical advice. You need to sign a release acknowledging that you have been advised to stay but elect to leave against the advice of the treating physician. READ MORE

  • How can I prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex?

    There are "morning after" pills available at any pharmacy. Follow the directions. You can also call your doctor and have them prescribe something for you. The best way to prevent pregnancy is to be on some form of contraception. Consult your gynecologist to discuss the best options for you! READ MORE

  • Is a dislocated knee an emergency?

    Yes. It is important to distinguish between a dislocated knee and a dislocated knee cap (patella). A dislocated patella can be relocated in the field. A follow up exam is advisable. A dislocated knee is a true emergency as the likelihood of a vascular injury is quite high. READ MORE

  • My mom has chronic kidney disease and now suffers from water retention. What should I do?

    The best way to get her treated is to have her seen by a nephrologist, a kidney specialist. IF she becomes short of breath, light headed or having chest pains, bring her to the nearest ER to have her evaluated. READ MORE

  • What can I do for dehydration?

    Probably the best thing to do is to carry around a bottle of water or a Gatorade type of drink and drink throughout the day. Usually a liter/day is about right, more if you are outside in warmer weather. A crude gauge of your hydration status is to look at your urine. It should be clear in color. If it is dark yellow, drink more. READ MORE

  • Can an emergency eye visit help my daughter open her stuck eye?

    Try washing it out with warm water or place a warm, moist washcloth over the eye for a few minutes. Once the eye is open, she should see a doctor for a more complete evaluation. An urgent care is fine unless she had trauma to the eye itself. READ MORE

  • Should I take my newborn to the ER for her fever?

    By newborn, I am assuming the child is 60 days old or less. If that is the case, take them to the ER for an evaluation. Before you go, give the child the appropriate dose of Tylenol or Advil. Dose will be on the bottle. READ MORE

  • Emergency room question?

    It is possible. The in patient beds may be full or there are no psychiatric beds in your area and they are waiting for one to open. This is not the best situation but, unfortunately, one that is becoming common in many areas. READ MORE

  • Which position is the best to stop bleeding from the nose?

    Pinch the nostrils closed, tilt your head back. Do this for about 5-10 minutes. If the bleeding persists, seek medical attention. READ MORE

  • What to do next?

    From what you describe, it would be prudent to go to the ER when this happens. It could be due to an electrolyte disorder, low blood sugar, dehydration or other, more serious, issues. READ MORE

  • What does it mean if your eyes look slightly yellow?

    Yes, it could be that or other things. You need to go see a physician and have them evaluate you. READ MORE

  • What should I do if my child's blood sugar drops?

    She should carry some type of sugary substance with her for just such an event. If at home, orange juice would be appropriate. For when she is out and about, try getting a package of the sugary gels that bike riders use. That or a piece of candy will work. If this is a regular occurrence, you need to discuss this with her doctor. READ MORE

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Dr. William Durkin, MD

3101 N. Hampton Dr. 505 -
Alexandria, VA 22302
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New patients: 858-692-1864

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