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Dr. Marybeth Fasano, DMD is one of the country's best rated doctors, specializing in dentistry and general dentistry. DMD Fasano currently treats patients in Virginia beach, Virginia. Dr. Fasano is a ...

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  • How many ibuprofen can I take for a toothache?

    Whatever the ibuprofen label says. READ MORE

  • Can oral surgery cause jaw pain?

    Depends on what was done.....all surgery on the human body involves some pain. Hopefully as the body heals the pain goes away. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • Why do I have to wait 3 months every time my wires are changed on my braces?

    The thing is, you cannot compare yourself to others. Every person has a different experience when it comes to medical care. When doctors talk about how long something should take or what level things should be, they are talking based on averages and experience…. Every patient is different because every person is different. So, your wire changes may be at a different timing than someone else…. Trust your orthodontist knows what they are doing or switch to someone you do trust. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • Should a filling be replaced with a crown?

    A filling can be replaced sometimes. If you remove all the old filling and there isn’t enough tooth structure left behind to hold the filling without cracking then you would need a crown or you would risk the tooth fracturing. If you are grinding that much you should also get an occlusal guard so you don’t break your new crown. Good luck. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • Do you have to be put to sleep for tooth extraction?

    No, most extractions are done without general anesthesia. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • How do you take care of bonded teeth?

    You take care of them like natural teeth. Brush and floss. Don't bite anything real hard, such as whole nuts, shells, bones, or beer bottle tops. READ MORE

  • Does dental bonding look natural?

    Yes, if done correctly. It all depends on the ability of the dentist. READ MORE

  • How can I get rid of gingivitis fast?

    Go to see your dental hygienist on a regular basis – gingivitis is the beginning of periodontal disease. The hygienist has to get all the build-up and bacteria off your teeth and gums, and then your body has to heal. Like any infection, it will not happen fast. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • Can a decayed tooth be saved?

    Depends on the amount Decay and how soon you see the dentist………..Just like any other body part that has started to Decay you will have to amputate it, or in this case drill out, the decay and replace it with something. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • What is the best mouthwash to use for periodontal disease?

    Alcohol-free chlorhexidine, only available by prescription. Go see your dentist every 3 months and they will get you on the road. READ MORE

  • How do they fix tooth erosion at the gum line?

    Depends on the cause…we can do bonding, similar to fillings, but if the erosion is caused by gum recession then that would need to be addressed. The dentist will determine the cause and how best to address it. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • Can a broken tooth crown be fixed?

    Some will say yes, but really it is best to replace it. READ MORE

  • Is a tooth infection an emergency?

    Without looking at X-rays and absent pain, it may not meet the definition of an emergency. However, it is an active infection which will do nothing but get worse and more expensive to treat. In addition, it can cause bad breath, sinus infections, bacteria can migrate throughout your body, and it lowers your overall immune resistance because your body is fighting the infection. I can put It another way: if you had a smelly, puss-filled wound on your hand, would you think it was an emergency to get it taken care of? Jim Kline READ MORE

  • Can Invisalign damage teeth?

    Anytime you are moving teeth, there can be damage. That is why going to an orthodontist is so important. That is what they do and it increases the chances of a positive outcome that will last. If you don’t adjust your teeth correctly, they have a higher chance of going back or having some other issue. Go see an orthodontist and let them tell you the best way to have the smile you want. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • What is the difference between sealants and fillings?

    Sealants are done on healthy teeth with no decay to attempt to prevent decay. Fillings are done where decay was removed and tooth structure needs to be replaced. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • What tooth do you massage for a toothache?

    That is an interesting question. Massage is typically for joints and soft tissue, but your teeth are neither. If you have a toothache, then massage will be a distractor, but not actually do anything else. Go to the dentist. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • Does periodontal disease go away on its own?

    Most likely not. It will need treatment, and a significant amount to get rid of it. It will probably take at least a year or two of going every 3 months. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • My filling hurts with the slightest amount of pressure?

    Fillings can be sensitive after they are done, sometimes for a few weeks. We use desensitizer to avoid this. However, if it is pressure then the issue could also be that the filling is a touch high and needs to be adjusted. If it has been over two weeks then give your dentist a call or if it very bad then call them as well. Remember, fillings are cutting part of the body away and then repairing it so some discomfort can happen. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • How long should you wait to eat after a filling?

    Can eat right away if it is light cured resin, but recommend waiting until the anesthesia wears off so you don’t bite yourself. Jim Kline READ MORE

  • When can you eat after a filling?

    It depends what material was used on the filling, but normally if it is light cured you can eat as soon as you leave……be careful not to bite your cheek while you are still numb. Jim Kline READ MORE

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