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Should a filling be replaced with a crown?

After looking at an x-ray, I was told that the filling was worn down, due to grinding, and I would need a crown to replace it. I thought a filling could be refilled.

Female | 30 years old

4 Answers

Not necessarily. It depends. Have it evaluated by a dentist.
Sometimes a filling can be replaced with another filling. As long as the new filling is no wider than 30 % of the width of the tooth. In many instances especially in patients that grind their teeth, increases in crack or fracture lines may increase the need for a crown to cover and protect the remaining tooth structure. Make sure to get a night guard to protect your teeth when you are asleep.
A large filling causes a tooth to be only 60% as strong as an unfilled tooth. If the patient grinds their teeth, they put excessive pressure on the teeth, which is very bad for teeth already weakened by large fillings. The combination of xs pressure and weakened tooth increases the likelihood of fracture, which in some cases causes loss of the tooth.
A filling can be replaced sometimes. If you remove all the old filling and there isn’t enough tooth structure left behind to hold the filling without cracking then you would need a crown or you would risk the tooth fracturing. If you are grinding that much you should also get an occlusal guard so you don’t break your new crown.

Good luck.

Jim Kline