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Nick Cannon on Living with Lupus: "Take it One Day at a Time."

Toni Braxton opened up about her battle with lupus in 2011

In 2011, the famous Grammy Award winning singer publicly shared her battle with lupus. Braxton spoke about her lupus symptoms with Huffington Post Live in 2015. "Some days I can't balance it all," she said. "I just have to lay in bed. Pretty much when you have lupus you feel like you have the flu every day. But some days you get through it. But for me, if not feeling well, I tend to tell my kids, 'Oh mommy's just going to relax in bed today.' I kind of take it easy." Braxton had multiple hospital stays since her diagnosis, as well as rested for multiple days at a time. But, she never canceled a show. No matter what, she figures out how she can perform for her fans. 

Photo source: 21 Questions With Toni Braxton by hyperap