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Shonda Rhimes, Sleep Apnea and "The Year of the Yes."

"The Year of Yes": An inspiring book that will open your eyes

The story of Rhimes from her book “The Year of the Yes” is definitely inspirational and eye-opening. Aside from just the health aspect of her story, she also sheds light on emotional health as well. It can be seen from her story that everything started because she was overworked and burned out. She went to food for comfort which lead to her being unhealthy. Because of excessive weight gain, she also developed sleep apnea.

However, she started by first fixing her emotional health. When she decided to say “yes” to the good things in her life, she also decided to say “yes” to her body. Because she managed her weight, she was also able to pretty much get rid of her sleep apnea.

Photo source: TED2017_042617_2RL0522_1920 by TED Conference