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Are Detox Diets Effective?

Are Detox Diets Effective?

Body detoxes are becoming a popular fad among society. From celebrities, to the girl next door, everyone seems to raving over this complicated diet. A detox diet relies on a meal plan, or lifestyle change, that would help to remove toxins from your body. Companies are catching on to this trend; people believe it is one of the best ways to lose weight, and more and more meal plans are now being added to this diet regimen. However, did you know that our bodies have a natural mechanism to detoxify and excrete toxins, and it doesn't depend on a specific diet to perform? Yet, we are faced with one dilemma: are these diets really effective?

The basis for any detox diet is to remove or add any foods or beverages that will help in the removal of toxins in the body. Removing toxins from your body will allow your metabolic rate to increase and help shed any extra pounds you desire to remove. Many different types of meal plans are available for this diet, and most of them rely on low-calorie foods in addition to fruits, vegetables, and certain supplements. Few diet plans recommend the use of specific herbs and supplements, although many are always available upon request. Many suggest colon cleansing and purifying products that will help to keep your gut free of any toxins. The risks associated with many of these products and supplements are unknown, which can set off a few alarms in regards to dieting.

These diets promote weight loss because they are commonly low in calorie content. Unfortunately, any weight that has been shed will come back immediately once the diet ceases. This is an example of a quick fix solution for weight loss, and can cause multiple health issues, like muscle loss. Majority of the weight lost results from a loss of water, not fat deposits. Once an individual goes back to his or her normal eating plan, the weight can return without much delay. The weight gained after the diet is usually more than what was lost as the metabolic rate reduce considerably during the diet. Moreover, most of the weight that you would gain back would be fat, which is the last thing that you want!

Risk of Detox Diets

Some plans can be alluring if it can prove that it causes weight loss. Experts believe that the risks outweigh the benefits for any of the detox diets. Some of the risks associated with the diet include:

The effects of detox diets can depend on the duration of diet, and what the meal plan entails. If you're going to diet, opt for a healthy diet and lifestyle for better and long lasting results.