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Paleo Diet: Too Much Red Meat Increases Your Risk for Cancer

Sharon Palmer, MS, RDN, is confused about the Paleo diet as it puts a strong emphasis on meats and completely avoids grains and legumes altogether, when both are essential for someones health. The Paleo diet actually recommends a high consumption of red meats and other animal proteins, while excluding dairy, grains, legumes, and fruits. Increased red meat intake is know to have a link to various cancer. The diet is low in calories and carbs, which is why it may appeal to some users because it will help with weight loss. However, users must be aware of the negative consequences associated with it.

These are the negative health consequences associated with the Paleo Diet:

However, there are paleo-approved foods that offer health benefits. It can aid in a variety of conditions like diabetes polycystic ovary syndrome, and mental illness. But, the diet is hard to maintain over a long period of time. We recommend to follow this diet with caution and under the direct supervision of a medical professional.