The Truth About Cosmetic Orthodontics

Marielaina Perrone, DDS Dentist Henderson, NV

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Having a beautiful smile is something everyone wants. For many adults with misaligned teeth, there are plenty of excuses to avoid orthodontic treatment. A common response for many is….”I am too old” or “Orthodontics take too long”. With recent advances in dentistry, cosmetic orthodontics can become a reality for many. Below, you will find some common questions about cosmetic orthodontics and reasons people put it off.

Common Questions About Orthodontics

“I am just too old for braces. Braces are for children.”

It is important to remember that you are never too old to feel better about yourself. Improving your smile with orthodontics will make you feel better about your appearance. There is no age limit for adults with a healthy periodontal condition who want to undergo orthodontic treatment. Cosmetic orthodontics lets you have the perfect smile you have always wanted without putting your life on hold. FACT: One out of every five orthodontic patients is an adult.

“I have previously had braces. Will they just move again?”

The key to braces aftercare is retention. A fixed retainer must be worn for a period following treatment to allow the bone to remodel properly. A good way to think of this is that retention is how you protect your investment.

Orthodontics take too much time to complete.”

For many adults, cosmetic orthodontics can be completed in as short as six months. Depending on the appliances used and the amount of movement required, treatment can be quite short in length. Only six months can totally transform your smile.

“Orthodontic treatment can be painful.”

There should be no pain during orthodontic treatment, but there will be some amount of discomfort as your teeth move and you adjust to the brackets and retainers. Most of the discomfort is only for a few days after an appointment. If the brackets or wires pinch or feel uncomfortable a small application of wax will alleviate the issue. A good tip is to take tylenol or alleve right before your appointment to ensure that discomfort is limited.

“Cosmetic orthodontics makes it more difficult to maintain your dental hygiene. Will this cause tooth decay?”

Having good oral hygiene will take a bit more attention than it did before the orthodontic appliances were in place. However, it is very manageable with the right information and tools. Using Waterpiks, electric toothbrushes, fluoride rinses, and threader floss can make it easier to keep everything clean and cavity-free.

“Orthodontics is too expensive.”

Orthodontics is a cheaper alternative to a complete smile makeover. It is also a much more conservative treatment as no tooth reduction is necessary. Also, for many smiles, orthodontics are the only option to get the smile you want. Cost can be overcome using payment plans like CareCredit. This type of credit is offered by most dentists and can make any and all treatment easier to afford. 

Cosmetic Orthodontics

Using cosmetic orthodontics can make a huge difference in a person's smile. For many, it is an easier way to achieve the smile of their dreams. Talk to your dentist about orthodontic options and see if they are right for you.