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5 Tips on Living with Sinusitis

5 Tips on Living with Sinusitis

5 Tips on Living with Sinusitis

Sinusitis is an infection that causes inflammation and pain around the sinuses and other neighboring organs such as the nose. The infection is mostly classified into different categories depending on its severity. They are categorized as acute, chronic and subacute sinusitis. It is mostly caused by fungi, viruses or bacteria. Sinusitis patients begin experiencing symptoms after an episode that can last for weeks if not treated. If the symptoms exist for more than eight weeks, then the infection becomes chronic.

Symptoms of Sinusitis

These are the symptoms commonly associated with sinusitis. The symptoms involve both acute and chronic forms of the condition. They include:

Such symptoms can last for more than 12 weeks and keep on recurring in the event of chronic sinusitis.

How To Live With Sinusitis?

Living with sinusitis means knowing the right ways to prevent recurrence of the condition, relieving the symptoms and preventing attacks in case you do not have the infection yet. Here are 5 tips on living with sinusitis.

  1. Avoid Harmful Foods

Sinusitis can be attributed to the food we consume. Some of these change the functioning of the body, triggering the infection. Chocolate ice cream and other milk products should be avoided by people experiencing sinusitis. Refined sugar and processed foods should also be avoided. These foods tend to increase mucous production hence inflammation.

    2. Boost The Immune System
A person’s immune system is very important in fending off infection. People with weak immune systems are known to be at higher risks of suffering from the condition. You can boost your immune system by taking in some of the following supplements and nutrients.

  • Vitamin C
  • Oregano oil
  • Fermented liver oil

     3. Avoid the causes
This is a method where sufferers of the condition are advised to avoid the possible causes of sinusitis. This can be done by avoiding allergic environments, staying in highly clean areas, and avoiding activities such as deep diving which can cause sinusitis.

      4. Dealing With The Symptoms
Symptoms of any infection can be the most difficult aspect of sickness. If you know how to control or relieve symptoms, then recovery will become much easier. Relieve sinusitis symptoms in the following ways:

  • Steam inhalation
  • Use of ginger root
  • Staying hydrated

      5. Consulting a Doctor
Sinusitis is an infection that should be taken seriously, and requires medical intervention, especially if the infection is chronic. It will also help you get treatment for other underlying infections that may be triggering sinusitis. Treatment options will be presented and administered based on individual needs. Sinusitis is an infection that can lead to complications and pain in cases where it is not treated or managed well. These tips will help you curtail pain associated with sinusitis in-between doctor visits.