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A Guide to Managing Your Stress and Anger with Fibromyalgia

Professional help can also help with your emotional well-being

In addition to receiving guidance in anger management and communication in a group setting, you should also consider seeking out the help of a licensed counselor, social worker, or psychiatrist. One advantage of getting one-on-one professional help is that you can establish both a rapport and history of  behavior and coping strategies. This can help a licensed counselor to look at the "big picture" and see the best route to help a patient manage their anger and/or depression.  You will also have another supporter in your corner who is well-aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

There are many different avenues to take when you are dealing with anger that directly relates to a chronic condition. The main thing to remember is to use the advice you get from your doctor and rely on others for support as much as possible. Managing your stress and anger should not be something that you have to do alone. And, by managing your emotions, you can have more positive and stable relationships.