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Alternative Treatments for Ovarian Cancer

Alternative Treatments for Ovarian Cancer

We already know how dangerous ovarian cancer can be. Regarding this disease, it’s very important to be diagnosed in the early stages, because there are better chances that the cancer will be cured. There are four cancer stages and as we said, the first one is the least dangerous one. Same goes for the second one. But, the most dangerous stages of ovarian cancer are the third and fourth. That doesn’t mean that it cannot be cured in the later stage. With proper treatments ovarian cancer can be cured, or if not cured then contained. People who are suffering from this disease must follow their doctor's orders, each and every one of them.

There are a lot of treatments that can be performed on a person who is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but the most common is chemotherapy. Out of hospital, you can always try to eat some healthier food, exercise and so on. But there are also some alternative treatments for ovarian cancer. The question is whether the person will be willing to try them? There are a lot of people who have tried the alternative medicine and they have succeeded. Here are some alternative treatments for ovarian cancer:


Relaxing is the most common alternative treatment for every kind of cancer. People like to use the term “reflexology”. Reflexology is a form of relaxing, where a person is massaged on his palms and legs. At first, this kind of treatment doesn’t sound like a very good idea, but the results are imminent. It is very important for a person to be relaxed and to forget about everything bad that has happened to them. By massaging your palms and legs, you will feel comfortable and relaxed.


Massage is also tightly connected with reflexology. The only difference is that reflexology covers massaging only the palms and the legs. With massages, you can cover the whole body, from your head and down to your toes. The whole idea behind massaging is for you to feel relaxed. As we said above, relaxing is the most important thing when it comes to treating cancer. Just the thought you have in your head - that you are suffering from this disease - weakens your body. It is important to keep your mind occupied with other stuff. Massaging makes you forget about that, and the more positive you are, the better results you will get.


Aromatherapy is a special therapy that includes breathing different aromas from many different plants, fruits, and flowers. This is very interesting therapy because there are two ways to perform it. You can put a couple of leaves or oil on your body and let their aroma overwhelm you. The other way is to insert a couple of leaves into your nose and to breathe in their aroma. Your body will react very quickly, and if the aroma you have smelled is compatible and brings you joy, your body will accept it. If not, you remove the leaves from your nose immediately. Same thing goes if you are using an essential oil instead of leaves. The point is that the more pleasant aroma is surrounding you, the more relaxed you will be.


Acupuncture is a very common way of treating diseases. In this case, acupuncture can be good for treating ovarian cancer. Thin, fine needles are inserted in your body at different spots. They stay there for a short period of time and then they are relocated or removed. The whole effect of acupuncture is for the needles to interact with your nerves and with that, they are slowly relaxing and they send signals to the brain that the body is fully relaxed. This can positively influence people who are fighting this horrible disease.


Visualization is a method or therapy that requires full concentration. You will have to shut your eyes for a moment and try to picture some good memories or events that happened to you. You can also imagine some things that you want to happen. This is very hard but at the same time very relaxing for those who manage to control their emotions.

These are only a few alternative treatments for ovarian cancer. Many people decide to abandon regular medicine for alternative treatments. However, you can always combine them together, resulting in good odds that you will conquer this disease. If anything can be summarized by the text above, it is that relaxation is the best way to beat the cancer.