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Coping with COPD

Coping with COPD

Many people live life without realizing that they have COPD – the umbrella term for emphysema and bronchitis – even though it is a common disease.

Long-term smokers will most likely have scars on their lungs that will become inflamed and irritated due to COPD. Patients tend to complain, but fail to make an appointment with a healthcare professional to discuss these irritations. People with COPD experience sticky phlegm, wheezing, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, and a persistent cough. People mistake these symptoms for other medical conditions, which is ultimately the reason why people live life without a proper diagnosis of COPD.

Coping with COPD is easier said than done. In fact, some people who have this ailment also have depression according to a recent study, as the individual blames himself or herself for the progression of the condition. Many people get extremely frustrated when exacerbations begin to surface. Patients tend to struggle to carry out normal day-to-day activities, which can add to the mental struggle.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating healthy allows the body to work to the best of its ability. Having proper nutrition can help the body fight off potential infections. For patients who cannot eat due to a difficulty breathing, it is advisable to eat small meals frequently. Moreover, soft foods and nutritious drinks may be of help. Maintaining a healthy body weight can diminish potential complications that are associated with COPD.

Managing COPD is possible; call your local healthcare professional. He or she may recommend a counselor to help you cope with your  COPD. Family and friends can also help you improve the quality of your life and help you adjust to the condition.