Pulmonologist Questions COPD

Is combination therapy recommended for COPD?

Is combination drug therapy recommended for COPD? What are the benefits of such a line of treatment?

3 Answers

Yes, combination therapy is recommended. The benefits lie in the fact that effects of the drugs are synergistic, that is, they enhance each other.
Definitely. Combination drugs not only saved money on co-pay and improve convenience but have better efficacy in treatment of COPD. This includes not only to drug combinations but also the newer 3 drug combination used in COPD. The newest GOLD guidelines for treatment of COPD recommend combination therapy in any patient who has symptoms despite use of an as needed bronchodilator.
Usually with diseases such as COPD or Asthma we like to apply a step wise approach to therapy. I usually start with one medication and if that is sufficient there is usually no benefit to adding a second medication. As the disease progresses or symptoms change adding a second medication may be warranted.