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Do I Have the Mumps?

Do I Have the Mumps?

The mumps is a highly contagious airborne viral infection, which manifests in a specific shape of the face and neck. The causing agent is the virus of mumps (paramyxovirus). 

Timely vaccination (MMR) is the best way to prevent complications that arise in 95% of cases. The mumps virus can be transmitted by the saliva while kissing, touching toys, or touching personal belongings of the infected person. The incubation period in children can last up to 12 days, and between 14 and 18 days for adults. Patients are contagious one week before the manifestation of the symptoms.

The most common symptoms in children include:

  • muscle aches,
  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite,
  • due to the onset of parotitis (swollen and tender salivary glands under the ears, submaxillary and sublingual glands are affected very rarely), it develops within the next 24 hours on one or both sides, causing difficulty while swallowing and earache.
  • the space between the earlobe and jaw angle is deleted, it's filled up with the tumescence(swelling) of the surrounding tissues, causing "hamster face".

Adults have similar symptoms of the mumps compared to kids who have the mumps. However, it also includes a rash over the body, in the form of thick and bright red spots. It is localized in the face, arms, legs, and torso.