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Driving With Sleep Apnea

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  • The typical case is that of an overweight middle-aged man who visits the office accompanied by his wife, who complains of intermittent thunderous snores and of his pronounced tendency to sleep during the day. Sometimes they also complain that they have noticed they stand still without breathing causing them to wake up in the middle of the night.
  • It should be confirmed to all patients that drive in a daily basis, if he or she frequently suffers from daytime sleepiness, snoring, sleep apnea episodes, and if he or she has had a falling away or an accident in this regard. In this way, sleep disturbances suffered by the driver can easily be detected in order to treat him or her in a unit of sleep disorders, in order to avoid a future car accident.
  • These patients should avoid sleeping sedatives and diuretics at the end of the day, avoid consuming alcohol, especially at night, do not smoke, save copious dinners, keep the bedroom in a pleasant environment without noticeable temperature changes, try to get up weekends at the same time as daily, use the bed only to sleep and lie on one side to keep the airway permeable and avoid the use of technology devices that will keep them from sleeping when they are already in bed.