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Hemorrhoids: Is There a Cure?

Hemorrhoids: Is There a Cure?

There are a number of ways to go about curing hemorrhoids once you have been diagnosed.

Home remedies

Hemorrhoids are caused by swollen blood vessels in the anal region, but the condition is not serious. The idea behind home remedies is to make the person comfortable enough to resume regular activities while the hemorrhoids heal on their own.

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Numerous creams and ointments can be easily purchased at a local pharmacy. They have anti-itching properties. By applying them to the affected area, you can relieve the pain associated with hemorrhoids and perhaps resume your normal activities. These creams and ointments can be used for about a week, during which time the hemorrhoids are expected to subside.

Afterwards, if the hemorrhoids persist, it is not advisable to keep using creams, as they may cause skin thinning or rashes as a side-effect. At that point, the doctor can offer suppositories that have the same effect with less side-effects.

Natural remedies

There are various reasons why people opt for natural remedies rather than pharmaceutical medications, but perhaps the most important reason is their absence of side-effects. Substances such as witch hazel, tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar can either be applied directly to the affected area using a cotton swab, or taken orally with food.

The effectiveness of these natural remedies against medications has yet to be determined, and the choice has to be made based on the preferences of the individual.


Cold compressing the affected region with ice wrapped in a towel can also relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. The cold temperature constricts the blood vessels supplying blood to the hemorrhoids and makes them ‘starved out’. Doing this at least twice a day can help speed up the recovery process.

Surgical procedures

Either because the hemorrhoids are severe or because the individual would like a quick fix, various surgical procedures may be performed to remove hemorrhoids.

Minor procedures

  • Rubber band ligation – Involves placing a small rubber band around the base of hemorrhoids. This cuts off blood supply for hemorrhoids, causing it to shrivel and die in a few days.
  • Injection – A chemical solution may also be injected directly into hemorrhoids to cause them to shrink.
  • Coagulation – Through the use of lasers the hemorrhoids can be burned and cause them to shrivel off.

Major procedures

  • Hemorrhoidectomy – This is when the affected areas with hemorrhoids are cut using a diathermy. The patient may need a few days to recover afterwards, but it is usually effective.
  • Stapling – The anorectum is stapled to tighten the anus and prevent prolapsing of the internal hemorrhoids. This is often a temporary solution.
  • Hemorrhoidal artery ligation – In this case, the blood vessels supplying blood to the hemorrhoids are stapled to block the flow of blood. This, in turn, leaves the hemorrhoids starved.