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How Long Does a Knee Replacement Last?

How Long Does a Knee Replacement Last?

A knee replacement surgery provides relief for approximately 90 percent of people who are suffering from pain due to knee problems. Most knee replacement procedures are done for the treatment of osteoarthritis

With proper care, your knee implant can last for as long as 20 years. The technology that goes into making the knee ensures that it is durable enough to stay in your body for decades without any adverse effects. 

The point is that you can live a normal and longer life with that knee in your body. It all comes down to whether you can do the following:

  • Following all the instructions that your doctor gave you.
  • Maintaining the balance and structure of your knee.
  • Making sure that the replacement is a quality knee.
  • Going to all of the appointments set up by your doctor.
  • Being attentive and cooperative during physical therapy sessions.
  • Taking all precautions into account.
  • Choosing a good hospital and surgeon.
  • Knowing when to call for help.

This article will explain why the above list is very important to make your knee replacement last for as long as possible.

1. Following instructions

When patients undergo surgery of any kind, they are given a numbered list of things that they should observe. You can think of them as rules or guidelines for you to follow to have a faster and better recovery. You should also clearly understand as to why you were given these instructions.

In many cases, the guidelines can save your life and ensure that you get out of the process feeling better as you are expected to. The instructions given are quite important to achieve a better and longer lifespan of your new knee.

2. Maintaining the structure and balance of your knee

When you are in the recovery period, you will be instructed on how to properly take care of your new knee. Following the instructions given regarding the placement and alignment of your leg will go a long way and will ensure that your knee will be set straight and functional.

It is important that your knee becomes straight because if it is not, you will have a hard time walking straight. Thus, you have to observe sitting straight during your recovery. Moreover, there is no need for recliners, just straight-backed chairs with good lumbar support.

3. High-quality knees

When you have already decided to undergo a knee replacement surgery, you will have to make sure that the knee you are getting is authentic even if it means going to the supplier and getting it yourself. By all means, you should get a good knee replacement.

When your knee replacement is good, you can confidently walk into your new life knowing that you have a lot of mileage in it. Getting the wrong kind will just spell disaster, so it is highly recommended that you should only get the right one for you.

4. Appointments and follow-ups

Going back to your doctor for a return checkup and succeeding follow-ups are very important after your knee replacement surgery to prevent the development of any unforeseen complications. These complications can be detected by your health care provider and be stopped in time before things can get too serious.

These follow-ups will also serve as a constant reminder of the things that you should do when complications arise. Moreover, your progress can be closely and properly monitored if you regularly visit your doctor.

5. Be attentive and cooperative during therapy sessions

Therapy sessions are very important when you are on the road to recovery. During your therapy sessions, you should be keen and attentive. You will be taught by your physical therapist about the things that you should do to ensure that you heal properly.

These sessions will set the foundation for how long you can keep your knee. Remember that the better you maintain it, the longer you can keep it. The therapy sessions will help you walk better, heal faster, and maintain your knee for longer.

6. Take all precautions into account

When you are at home, you will be advised about the things that you should not do to avoid accidents. The following are some precautionary measures to remember:

  • Walking up and down the stairs before your knee heals will only cause you harm.
  • Avoid sitting on recliners. Pick out the best chair that has a straight back to support your spine and make sure that your leg is straightened out.
  • Do not play with your pets or kids who may harm your knee.
  • Make sure that wet floors or spills must be cleaned up immediately to avoid slipping.
  • Abstain from having sex and avoid swimming or driving unless your doctor authorizes it.

7. Choosing a good hospital and surgeon

When you are going for something as serious as a knee replacement surgery, it is important that you choose the best hospital and the best surgeon that you can find for your operation. Choosing the best will ensure a smooth process, leaving you a peace of mind. Moreover, you will not have to worry about complications that may arise due to bad facilities or incompetent health care providers.

Having a successful knee replacement surgery will go a long way in making the knee last for as long as two decades.

8. Know when to call for help

This is a crucial part that most people choose to ignore. In the end, it comes down to whether you were able to identify any anomalies, and what you did about them. You see, when the leg develops an anomaly, and you fail to report it, it causes problems in the long run that could have been prevented if you had called for help early enough. Therefore, be attentive to the changes you observe and call your doctor when necessary.

Bottom Line

An artificial knee is a durable piece of metal or plastic depending on your leg needs, which will be at your service for as long as 20 years. This can be achieved by being careful and observing all the things that have been outlined above. The more you care for your replacement knee, the longer it will last.