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Is It Time for Patients to Rekindle Their Relationship with their CPAP?

Psychological factors to being successful with CPAP

When diagnosed with sleep apnea, what is your first thought? Oh great, I must wear a mask at night. Wow, I am going to get great sleep. Or, do you just think “whatever.”

First, you need to get through the stereotypes and the fear about CPAP machines:

  • Family and friends just can’t get their CPAP machines to work
  • There are horror stories about how difficult the CPAP is
  • The mask is horribly uncomfortable
  • You are claustrophobic, and you cannot wear a mask
  • Your bed partner will laugh at how funny you look

Have realistic expectations and begin without any preconceived thoughts. Understand that although CPAP therapy is challenging, you can accept the challenge and this therapy will make you feel invigorated.