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Is It Time for Patients to Rekindle Their Relationship with their CPAP?

Problems with the CPAP

Some CPAP users claim that forced air dries out their nose and mouth. That is why today CPAP devices have humidifiers to fix that problem. There are even some machines that heat the moist air to keep you comfortable.

Trouble breathing through your nose due to allergies? Sinus problems or physical issues with your nose may give you trouble when using a CPAP machine. The problems usually go away when you treat your congestion with medication, allergy treatments or surgery.

Some patients claim that they cannot use the CPAP device and mask because the air flow dries out their eyes. Again, experiment with different masks. Find the CPAP that is most comfortable and works for you. Remember that if you don’t get treatment for your sleep apnea, you face a high risk of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and other health issues.