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Is It Time for Patients to Rekindle Their Relationship with their CPAP?

Types of CPAP gear

Sleep apnea is when breathing briefly stops, which can happen up to 50 times a night. Cession of breathing happens when airways close due to a blockage. CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure thrusts air into the airways to keep them open.

The system has a pump controlling the airflow, a tube carrying the air from the appliance to their airways, and a mask that covers their mouth, nose, or both.

Sleeping with something on your face is annoying, and it will take some time for you to get used to the CPAP mask. There are three main types of masks:

  • A nasal pillow type mask that fits under your nose
  • A nasal mask covering just your nose
  • A full mask wrapping your nose and mouth.

Alternative masks could also be a full-face masks that goes over your eyes, nose, and mouth, or nose masks with prongs that go into your nose.

The most critical aspect is sealing the mask enough so the air pressure from the tube stays constant. You will need to keep trying to find out which type you can use and what is most comfortable for you. Oh, and there are also straps holding the mask in place.

Each machine has a different air pressure setting. Some vary depending on whether you are inhaling or exhaling. Your doctor and CPAP supplier will help you figure out what level is comfortable for you and gives you the most help.