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State of the Union: Are Couples Having Less Sex?

Social media is ruining relationships

When two people are in a relationship, social media can stop them from having sex simply because it is a distraction. Mary Klein is an author and certified sex therapist, and he explains, "whether they're at dinner or walking their dog, I see more and more couples looking at their respective phones while they're together. This reduced conversation and attention for each other can't be good, as it reduces the 'simmering' feeling that so many people want as the context for sex ... Many couples find themselves in bed looking at their devices, freely admitting that they're doing nothing all that compelling. They've allowed to drift into habits that disconnect them. If sex has become boring for these couples, it's because they've allowed the drift to dampen their creativity, not because that YouTube video is so much more exciting." So if you want to reignite the passion with your partner, make the bed a no phone zone, and try to find ways to give each other than undivided attention.