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These Treatments May Help Imbalance Related to Multiple Sclerosis

The benefit of gaze stabilization exercises for eye movement

Gaze stabilization exercises help a patient improve their control of their eye movements so that vision is clear and the signals are sent to the brain properly and instantly. Gaze stabilization exercises are excellent for patients who have issues with their eyes whenever their eyes move or objects move in front of them. These exercises are especially helpful when reading, watching television, or when riding in a vehicle.

One type of gaze stabilization exercise is to fixate your eyes on a still object while moving the head in different positions (up, down, left, and right).

The other type of gaze stabilization exercise is intended to use body sensations along with vision as substitutes for a damaged vestibular system. By using gaze shifting along with remembered target exercises as sensory substitution, patients can gain better gaze stability.