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Tips for Alzheimer's Patients to be Safe and Warm in the Snowy Weather

In case the patient goes wandering around

Wandering is one of the most difficult problems any caregiver faces. Roaming around during the winter season is even more difficult and dangerous for patients as they are exposed to slips, falls, and other hazards.

Wandering can be triggered due to the following factors:

  • Searching for a familiar object, people, or place;
  • Trying to accomplish previous commitments or appointments like going to work or meeting up with someone;
  • Reacting to side effects of medicines, which causes confusion;
  • Trying to escape from a stressful environment, noise, or crowd;
  • Trying to achieve more physical activities;
  • Feeling afraid of unfamiliar people, sounds, sights, and forms of hallucinations; and
  • Searching for a specific person, food, or place.