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Cystic Fibrosis Sufferer Meets Donor of Life-saving Transplant

Meeting the family

After talking online for about 5 months, Kimber and Kendall’s older sister, Cameron, made the brave choice to meet Selwa for the very first time. Selwa shared this emotional moment on her Instagram page by saying “We went from laughing to crying, to laughing again. It was such an emotional experience. These were the people that saved my life, because they were selfless. They gave me the gift of life.” 

Kimber recalled: “I did struggle to come to terms with it, but when Selwa got in touch, I was so happy to talk with her. I wanted to take it slowly, though, and waited until after the first anniversary of Kendall's death to arrange to meet up.” She added “Driving to meet her, I was a tiny bit nervous, but the minute I saw her, I just burst into tears. It was so surreal, because this person I was talking to had my DNA inside her. It was amazing and wonderful. Selwa is part of our family now and I hope we will have a real friendship for life.”