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National League MVP Kirk Gibson Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease

National League MVP Kirk Gibson Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease

Photo: National League MVP and Former Arizona Diamondbacks Manager Kirk Gibson. Source: Arizona Sports.

There are those who might not know it, but there is another famous athlete who came out with his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in 2015. This disease has been known to affect lives in an awful manner and has been found to decrease quality of life in many individuals. Former National League MVP  and Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson has actually been facing other issues before this. But Parkinson's was something that he was not expecting, and he is still learning how to cope with the disease after his diagnosis.

In a statement revealed by Fox Sports Detroit, Gibson said, "I have faced many different obstacles in my life, and have always maintained a strong belief that no matter the circumstances, I could overcome those obstacles. While this diagnosis poses a new kind of challenge for me, I intend to stay true to my beliefs. With the support of my family and friends, I will meet this challenge with the same determination and unwavering intensity that I have displayed in all of my endeavors in life. I look forward to being back at the ballpark as soon as possible."

He has come out to reveal that he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The information was published by many different places, breaking on the Fox Sports Detroit station in 2015 and the MLB network. He has been talking openly about this disease and how he has felt after being diagnosed with it. He is now 60 years old and still wants to enjoy his life to the best of his ability.

With this disease, there are great causes of concern that will be coming up. He has been working on different games and is still a favorite among fans. Coming out with this disease has also been something of a comfort for those who are facing the same disease, especially for those who are well-aware of his skills in the ballpark, both in management and on the field.
Studies have shown that celebrities and athletes coming out with their diseases are a great source of support for many patients. While there might not be ways for them to reach out to fans personally, they are able to reach out to them in a different fashion. Knowing just how this disease can affect someone is important. There are different stages of Parkinson’s that can affect different individuals with numerous tests. Gibson has often spoken about how the disease has affect his life, as well as what he has gone through before and after his diagnosis.

Like many others, Parkinson's has impacted his way of life and is something that he is working on managing, learning more about this topic and the impact it can have on others. Gibson is an award-winning reporter and standout in sports history that many fans are looking at when it comes to getting sports information. He is still working on his condition and knowing what he can handle, but is looking for ways to better understand this disease and what it can do to the body in general.

Gibson joins notable figures like Muhammad Ali, Michael J. Fox, and major league All-Star Dave Parker with his diagnosis of Parkinson's. He not only has the support of his family during this battle with his disease, but he has the support of his former teammates, like Mike Scioscia, and his fellow managers, like Brad Ausmus. 

Ways to cope with Parkinson’s disease

Knowing what to do with a diagnosis can be difficult. Having the disease means that people like Gibson have to switch up their diet most likely to accommodate these changes that are being made to their bodies. Having a diet that is proper and filled with nutrients will go a long way for those who want to get healthier and keep an eye on their disease. There is no single diet that can be shown as the healthiest, although there is certainly different suggestions that healthcare professionals will have. Medication can also come into play, as certain foods need to be avoided with Parkinson’s disease medications. This can actually depend upon the medication and the amount being taken. Be certain to discuss this information with a healthcare professional.
There are foods that have been known to assist in better the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease. Diet changes can be difficult, something that Gibson most likely knows all too well. Keeping up on antioxidants are vital. Berries and foods that are packed with these are highly suggested and can be something that is of great help to those looking to better their diet. Having a diet that is proper and in the nutrients that are needed should not be taken for granted.

Lean proteins such as shellfish and chicken can also be better than typical sports food fare that some who follow Gibson might be having during the baseball season. Knowing that healthier options are possible is something that needs to be kept in mind, as even those who are fans of typical tailgate food can find items that they would enjoy! Looking for healthier options can be done by looking at the website for The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Knowing what foods to look for and just what to avoid is of upmost importance that can make a difference in the health of those facing Parkinson’s disease. Foods such as whole-grain pasta, apples, leafy greens, and beans are foods that should all be considered and discussed with a healthcare professional. While sugars and fatty red meats are not advised by healthcare professionals, they can be something that is okay every once in a while if that is something that will keep them from binging. The diagnosis can be a shock, meaning that diet changes can seem as if they are coming out of nowhere for select individuals.

Know That Support Is Out There

There are also different charities and organizations that should be considered when looking for better information. Knowing just how this can affect the individual is an experience that Gibson has been sharing with fans and those around the globe. Reaching out to his fans has been a source of comfort it seems, knowing that they are here for him during this time of diagnosis and beyond that. It takes more than just a healthy diet and medication to fight Parkinson’s disease.

A support group and an understanding healthcare professional is not only beneficial, but something that is greatly needed. While there is still research going on, knowing what to expect is never easy for those who are facing any stage of this disease. From the shakes to the loss in iron, there are issues that come up with this disease that some might not even expect. The challenge is never an easy one, but there are those who are supportive and want to help in different forms.