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Free the Mind: Overcoming Setbacks With Fibromyalgia

Face your problems head up

If you need to talk to yourself in front of the mirror or speak out loud, do so. Keeping it all in quietly only adds up to the already existing depression. When you over think, you give a whole lot of space for your troubles to control your life. Stop, breathe, and think. Starting a day filled with positive vibe has a positive domino-effect as well. Do a morning ritual that will motivate you throughout the day. You can have an intrapersonal chant where you outspokenly tell yourself, ‘something good and exciting is going to happen today!’ Fix your bed afterward. This simple chore gives you a feeling of self-fulfillment and preparedness to welcome the entire day.

Facing a problem is like facing your fear. You have to have the confidence to solve it or free yourself from it. Sometimes, the only reason that keeps you from running away is the fact that challenges can be scary. However, to consider the challenge as an opportunity for growth is a different story.