1 What are Yips?

Involuntary wrist spasms are called Yips.

It occurs most often when golfers are trying to putt but it can affect people who play cricket, darts and baseball.

Earlier it was thought to be associated with performance anxiety. However, it is now known that it is caused by a neurological dysfunction.

Changing the way people perform the effected task may help to get some relief from yips.  

2 Symptoms

Symptoms of yips include:

  • involuntary muscle jerk,
  • tremors,
  • twitches,
  • spasms
  • freezing.  

3 Causes

Yips are caused by a focal dystonia in which there are involuntary muscle contractions during a specific task.

It is also associated with overuse of certain set of muscles and anxiety.

Performance anxiety in which the person gets so anxious and self-focused that their ability to execute a skill is impaired.

4 Treatment

Treatments for yips include:

  • Changing the grip. Using a different putter, a longer putter this allows the person to use more arms and shoulders.
  • Mental skill training in which positive thinking ideas are given to reduce anxiety.

5 Risks and Complications

Older age, golfers and lower handicapped leads to greater risk of yips.