First Aid For Seizures

1 What is a First Aid for Seizures?

Here you can find out more about first aid for seizures.

Tips that ensure patient’s safety if patient is having a seizure:

  • Patient must always carry medical identification.
  • Patient’s family, friends, and co-workers must what to do if the patient is having a seizure.
  • The patient can participate in sports and other activities but with caution by using helmets, jackets, etc. and never alone.
  • Patient must always take prescribed anticonvulsant medication and cannot suddenly stop taking it or change the dosage without consulting the doctor.
  • Patient must avoid alcohol because it can interfere with the effectiveness of anticonvulsant medications.

Tips if a person is having seizure:

  • Clothes around person’s neck must be loose.
  • A person must not be tried to hold down, restrain or something inserted into person’s mouth because this can result in injury.
  • Sharp objects (glasses, furniture, etc.) must be removed from the person to prevent injury.
  • After the seizure, a person must be lied down on the side to maintain an open airway and to prevent inhalation of any secretions.
  • The person can be confused so they must not be left alone.
  • An ambulance should be called only if the seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes or the person is having one seizure after another.

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