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Sleep and its Effects on a Man's Testosterone Level

Sleep and its Effects on a Man's Testosterone Levels

Less sleep can reduce testosterone levels in men, according to a new study. As per the report, loss of sleep for a week results in a 15% reduction in the levels of testosterone in the blood. This reduction in the levels of testosterone may affect a man's health in many ways, including his sexual behavior. Some of the common symptoms of testosterone deficiency include low energy, reduced libido, poor concentration, and fatigue. The levels of testosterone are also important in building muscle mass, strength, and bone density. The levels decrease naturally in men who are 40-years-old and older by about 1% to 2% every year.

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The results of the study are published in the Journal of American Medical Association. In this study, the researchers compared the testosterone levels in a group of 10 healthy young men after a week of normal sleep, followed by a week of sleep loss. In the first week, all the participants had eight hours of sleep every day at home. This was followed by three nights of 10-hour sleep, and eight nights of 5-hour sleep in the laboratory.

Results showed that testosterone levels decreased by 10% to 15% when the participants were unable to sleep their required hours for a week, when compared to the time when they rested properly. The participants showed a loss of vigor when the levels of testosterone dropped in the blood.

Studies show that 15% of workers in the U.S. get less than five hours of sleep every night, and as per the results of this study, prolonged sleep loss can have a negative influence on the testosterone levels and the health of men.